There are plenty of important benefits of lanai for any household and homeowners, both in aesthetics and value.

The services by One Handy Haole offer excellent lanai construction or restoration solutions. They also have bathroom remodeling in Maui, which delivers excellent results for any customer. If you wish to get a reliable home-related renovation or construction work in Hawaii, then One Handy Haole is what you need.

Residing in Hawaii and living the lifestyle tied to the place means matching the vibe of your home to the environment. And what’s the best way to do that? By getting yourself a lanai—a kind of open-sided porch, veranda, or patio with a roof.

Join us as we discuss the numerous benefits of getting a lanai!

But First, What Makes a Lanai Different?

Now, in a general way of looking at things, a veranda, porch, patio, or lanai are the same thing. But a couple of nuances make them distinct from each other.

Let’s start with patios. Patios are outdoor areas with a macadamized floor that connects the house. It’s common for patios to may or may not have an entire roof, but the existing roof’s overlay extension generally covers them. Areas are often open, with no windows or screens.

On the other hand, porches typically have floors and roofs, with wood being the primary material used to construct them. The location for porches is flexible, too, since they can be found on the house’s back, side, or front. Some homes even have multiple porches, along with a patio. Porches and patios are excellent for outdoor grilling situations as well.

Meanwhile, a Lanai (a Hawaiian term) depicts a porch resembling a room. The main difference from regular rooms is that lanais have windows or screens. It’s designed so homeowners can have a unique indoor/outdoor environment.

The Important Benefits of Lanai Within Households

Plenty of homeowners who reside in Hawaii have lanais on their houses. Many of them also enjoy the bathroom remodeling in Maui that One Handy Haole offers. With that in mind, let’s look at the advantages of having lanais below.

1. Shields You Against the Elements

Regardless of whether the weather is gloomy or if it’s sunny outside, lanais will provide protection. Its roof can shield people from the rain and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Lanais are also best for the islands’ temperate climate and finite seasonal changes. Since the lanai is an additional fixture in the household, you can naturally expect a comfortable passage from indoors to outdoors.

2. Offers Additional Entertainment Area and Living Space

Owning an additional area to have parties with friends or family is always lovely. If the interior of your limited household space, or you like enjoying huge gatherings, then having a lanai is excellent. Lanais help create extensions to make your living room bigger and add another fun area. Visitors can then share in the security, comfort, and protection from the weather.

3. Adds Huge Value to the Owner’s Property

A properly built lanai that becomes an addition to your house will probably increase your house’s overall value. Since a lanai enclosure can be constructed with minimal expenses, homeowners will greatly receive a huge ROI (return on investment) if they sell the house. A lanai is a brilliant option if homeowners want to add significant value to their homes.

4. Prevents Unwanted Wildlife and Insects from Coming In

Hawaii has one of the most beautiful views that a person can watch. Unfortunately, sunsets are prime time for mosquitos and other insects to come out in hiding. Good thing that lanais have screened doors and windows, preventing these critters from entering a homeowner’s abode.

5. Protects Every Valuables and Furniture You Own

Undoubtedly, a covered Lanai will shield your loved ones from the corrosive elements of nature. Additionally, it provides your household items and personal belongings with much-needed protection from the wind, rain, and a shield from dangerous UV radiation from the sun.

Aside from that, you’re shielded from outside pollen and dust, which enables you to unwind and feel comfortable.

A well-built Lanai can provide comfort, security, safety, and financial well-being to any location you call home, whether relaxing with family and friends or just taking in the serenity of a quiet Sunday morning.

One Handy Haole, its lanai services, and its bathroom remodeling in Maui deliver outstanding results any client can appreciate. Enjoy the important benefits of lanai by getting yourself a well-built lanai.

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