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The materials used in a roof significantly impact how buildings keep themselves cool, especially in hot climates. If you need a good roof, we’ll show you some of our most recommended roofing materials suitable for warm weather.

People usually credit the house cooling to air conditioning and other HVAC systems. In reality, a home’s first line of defense is the roof. Protection from a hot day with a well-made roof is critical in maintaining the right temperature.

A good roof means it should be able to release the heat, not just absorb and retain everything, making it worse for you and everyone in your home. Another consequence is that excessive heat will force the air conditioning in your home to work further, which results in more energy than usual.

Shingle roofing materials like asphalt and tar can hold heat in and transport it downward; however, other roofing materials reflect light and deflect it immediately. Colors significantly impact buildings and even entire cities in terms of heating.

Painting white and other light-colored roofs and roads helps reduce energy costs by a significant percentage. Before you decide which color to put on your top, take note of the following materials, which range from traditional to advanced, that work best in warmer climates:

Slate Tile

A durable and attractive material with lots of colors to choose from, slate tiles have been used as a roofing material since the 17t century after it made its way into America from Europe. It’s also low maintenance and can last for a long time.

We suggest light-colored and earth-toned slates for less heat to minimize heat absorption due to their natural reflective properties. However, slate is costly and complicated to transport due to its weight and fragility. However, its cooling properties make it a good and widely used roofing material worldwide.

If you’re planning to apply slate tiles on your roofing, allow a professional team of roofing and siding contractors to carry out the hard labor for you. They know best what to do, which is much safer, practical, and preferable.

Terra Cotta and Clay

This is a signature roof tiling material among Spanish, Mexican, Italian, and American Southwest regions, with tons of heat and sunshine all year. Terra cotta and clay have also been used as art and construction materials throughout history, as seen among ancient structures and artifacts.

Terra Cotta tiles also help with cooling due to their shape and composition. Their rigid material makes them more durable and less prone to excessive heat absorption. They’re also molded into half barrel forms or sometimes into an “S” shape, resulting in interlocking arches on a roof.

Clay and terra cotta are usually placed on concrete and stucco homes. This is because they need a solid foundation, mainly load-bearing walls. Putting them on concrete walls makes them more resilient against strong winds and earthquakes.

However, clay and terra cotta roofs aren’t fair under rainy and cold weather, as they can snap off the tile. New improvements make the material resilient to such conditions, but it’s also good to consider durability and temperature resistance.

White Flat Tile

Flat concrete tiling is a good roofing material against warm climates. Although they also have cool colors, a ceramic and elastomeric white flat tile might be more suitable. They contain fiber and cement, which are very heat reflective and durable.

White flat tile roofs reflect 77 percent of sunlight and prevent heat from trickling down the structure. It might need frequent maintenance with white roofing, but you can keep them clean with power washing. It helps prevent dinginess and maintains its reflective edge.

Wahand Roofing: a contractor you can rely on

Are you worried that your existing roof may not be sufficient to insulate and throw off heat? Wahand Roofing might be the one you need to work on your roofing inquiries and other maintenance/repairs. Other than that, our ten years of experience will serve you well since we have worked on several housing projects that left satisfied customers returning for more.

To assure you of our quality service, our talented crew doesn’t let any mistake slip their sight, and every project we had have been successfully carried out. And if you’re concerned whether our services are insured, it is! We guarantee a safety net in all our projects by giving our clients peace of mind as we provide them with our best quality service.

Our company takes pride in our team of the experienced and skilled crew that can provide perfection and accuracy, erasing all the worries you have with your roof. At affordable prices, you can get professional advisors with sufficient knowledge to guide you into what roof materials you need to keep your home well-insulated.

Contact us today if you live in a location with a hot climate, as we offer solutions to your roofing requirements. Remember, customer satisfaction is our highest priority!

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