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2023 new year, new me! This yearly movement comes with multiple changes, not just for individuals and their characters but also for their environment. If you want to revamp your space for the coming year, maximalist kitchens might be for you!

Society has gone through its minimalist phase, where people were encouraged only to keep valuable items and get rid of those without purpose, limiting their decors and the items in their store. This style emphasizes that the simplest and fewest elements are viewed as more appealing and that most are associated with being messy or distracting.

However, a massive shift in people’s preferences might occur as the new year rolls in. Interior design magazines have stated an emergence of the maximalism aesthetic for 2023. This trend is about embracing people’s bolder tastes in patterns. People might be foregoing the movement encouraging them to keep off collecting whatever it is they like. Instead, 2023 might be the year for people to make bold statements, expressing themselves in whatever means.

Maximalism Is In

Upcycled furnishing and maximalism are predicted to be in the spotlight for home renovations in the coming year. Some commonly expect maximalism in living rooms or bedrooms, where people store their collections or any items they want to present to their visitors. Not many can envision this trend in kitchens, where many items are already stored. They might believe the space can get more cramped and disorganized.

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However, designers beg to differ.

In 2023, maximalist kitchens are definitely in!

Trend of Maximalist Kitchens

When it comes to decorations, kitchens typically fall short. Either the homeowner focuses less on accessorizing the space, or they believe kitchens must have little decorations. The more accessories or items placed within this space, the more likely it can distract or disrupt the workflow. What most homeowners fail to consider is that the kitchen holds the most potential for design play. Its cupboards, tables, or cabinets provide the perfect opportunity to play with colors and patterns, mixing and matching them to flourish the room with personality.

Maximalism isn’t the problem. Instead, it’s in finding the right balance between boldness and simplicity where homeowners must stop with experimentation and when they must stick with the classics. It also pays to hire the perfect designer. For starters, they can work with Phinesse Construction Group, a company specializing in kitchen renovation in Ontario. They can help clients achieve their dream maximalist kitchens.

Contrasting Color Palette

Homeowners and designers typically stick with complementing and monochromatic colors for room decorations, considering these colors are easy on the eyes. This restricts their creative freedom and expression. Instead of sticking to what’s easy, give space for play and experimentation. Combine bright and dark colored palettes for a popping and eye-catching contrast within the room. This contrast can be added to wallpapers and even the color of appliances.

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Colors are what primarily bring life to the space. Hence, making different elements visually and uniquely stand out instead of making the kitchen plain and uniform. But again, there should still be a limit. Homeowners should still know what contrasting colors work well together and where to stop. They might want maximalist kitchens, but they won’t want it to be too much.

Go Big on Decorations

The greatest thing about maximalism is that homeowners can splurge on decorations. Whenever they see something interesting or accessories they like, they can purchase it regardless if it fits a specific theme. Maximalist kitchens don’t have to strictly follow a particular theme as long as the different pieces work and look good together.

Statement pieces are crucial in every household. With minimalism, these might be limited to a single piece, but with maximalism, homeowners can express themselves regardless of how many items they incorporate in the room. This is a great way to make kitchens one of the focal points of every home.

Embrace Weirdness

While minimalism draws inspiration from simplicity and modesty, maximalism can bank on people’s weirdness and wilder sides. Kitchen designs, such as their wallpapers, can reflect pattern-heavy and complex decorations. Homeowners don’t need to hold back on whatever design they wish to decorate their homes with, experimentation being an overarching concept for maximalist kitchens. Weird is the new fresh with maximalism. The more bizarre or bold design is, the better it looks for the kitchen, and the more it reflects the homeowner’s personality.

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