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A kitchen is one of the essential areas of the home. And to help it last longer, you must take care of it and make it look brand new every few years.

Renovation is the key, and it can be daunting since it involves major wall knockdowns and tearing off floors and countertops. You also have a lot of additional elements to consider, like the plumbing and backsplashes, not to mention the appliances appropriate for the kitchen’s purpose. Because there are many things to consider, you might inevitably overlook a few mistakes if you’ve done a little work on the kitchen already.

To avoid making those same mistakes, we will share a few helpful tips you should take note of when trying to renovate your kitchen.

Improper Budgeting

Kitchen renovations do not come cheap, and you must be well aware of the costs that go with them. Otherwise, failing to prepare will make you spend more than you should shell out. It is a huge mistake not to have a contingency amount either. You should leave at least 20 to 30 percent so you’ll have something to spend on in case a need arises. Do thoroughly research the possible costs with flooring, paint, appliances, lighting, cabinetry, and accessories. When pressed with time, people tend to make hasty decisions that affect their renovation budget.

Avoiding Consultations

Sometimes, DIY projects can’t be done alone and require expert professional advice. Architects, interior designers, engineers, master plumbers, and contractors are there to offer consultation services. And if you don’t know who to call, there’s a company that does kitchen renovations in Ontario. Common mistake DIY homeowners make is that asking for help from building professionals isn’t needed since their head knowledge will do. Their expertise can save your life if you take their advice, and it’s because they know better. 

The Lack of Clearance

When making measurements for your kitchen, appliances take up a lot of long-term space, especially if you have a kitchen island. Make an allowance between the countertop and the top cabinets since it gives more room for tall appliances like the water dispenser, the built-in ovens, and the refrigerator. It will also help if the dishwasher doesn’t get in the way of the sink. When opening the range, it shouldn’t disrupt the flow of the kitchen space. And if the cabinet doors open and close against each other, that’s poor planning.

DIY homeowners commit many mistakes when they don’t learn the technical aspects of giving clearances to each kitchen element. Not paying attention to the necessary clearances you must make will impact the kitchen negatively.

Failure to Consider Storage

You may need adequate space for kitchen essentials like appliances, but storage space for small ones is often forgotten. Ample storage is a must, but homeowners should make room for additional capacity and look for creative ways to install them. Part of what makes space planning smart is good storage space.

Being Overly Trendy

Experts advise against adhering to the trends too much. The problem with trends is the way they come and go. It’s best to stay timeless by choosing pieces that won’t go out of style no matter the period the kitchen will be in the future. For instance, open storage systems in the kitchen are sound, but if you’re a clutter type, stuffing too much kitchen equipment might look too messy. By keeping your kitchen features minimalistic, you spare yourself the hassle of doing major remodels when the trend is gone.

Mediocre Painting Application

You can save a lot of money by doing the paintwork yourself. But before you begin, you need to assess if the current kitchen layout works fine. It needs to go if the colors look outdated and won’t match the kitchen’s overall look. This is where the expertise of an interior designer comes in. as mentioned, you may ask them for help regarding the perfect color schemes and which flooring and backsplash look best for the area. Doing things alone is fine, but asking for advice every time wouldn’t hurt. If you don’t have a good balance of functionality and style, you would have to endure an ugly kitchen for a few years.

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