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Deciding whether to splurge on an entire kitchen remodeling or just a nook or two can be tricky. There are many things to consider other than the obvious: budget. Which of the three is more economical and overall worth it?

Kitchen remodeling is costly. The process of estimating and demolishing is rigorous enough. You’re also torn between making your kitchen renewed/functional but with a massive chunk of money lost or a budget-level remodel that doesn’t span your whole kitchen.

What are the types of kitchen remodeling?

Kitchen remodels are usually categorized into three tiers with varying square-footage sizes of the kitchen space. It also includes the scope of work and the materials used. Before hiring a professional to do kitchen remodeling, you must know each category’s related costs.

Let’s look at the three types of kitchen remodeling below:

Small/minor kitchen remodel

Among the three, this is the least expensive. It’s also less intensive since much of the work is on the cosmetic aspect. The layout and structural parts are kept, and only surface materials are changed. These are some of the typical applications of minor kitchen remodeling:

  • Wall Painting
  • Backsplash Enhancement
  • Lighting and Plumbing Fixture Replacement
  • Floor Changes
  • Cabinet Hardware Replacement
  • Appliances Replacement

If you are a new homeowner, this might be ideal since this is a budget-friendly home remodeling. And even if you hire a professional handyperson, there will be few costs sacrificed since there are no significant demolishing and layout changes.

Minor kitchen remodels for aesthetic refreshing can be accomplished via DIY. However, if you choose a professional with much more knowledge, the redo will be worth it.

Midrange/Partial kitchen remodel

This type now involves major replacements other than simple repaints and the reapplication of finishes. Additional features like an island or extra storage space also count as partial remodeling. A design and contracting professional is highly recommended for this project to complete the remodeling.

In this case, you might need a professional service that can do whole and partial kitchen renovation in Cincinnati, OH. If you live around the area, we highly recommend Handshakers Construction! Their reliable and excellent service is all that you need. 

Major/upscale kitchen remodel

As the most complex and pricey type of kitchen design project, upscale kitchen remodeling takes a lot of time to plan the brand-new look and layout of a kitchen. A new floor plan, space enhancement, and rearrangement of certain utility fixtures like water and gas pipes and electrical wiring comprise an upscale kitchen remodel.

Top-of-the-line finishes are applied to this project, resulting in a changed or replaced kitchen space. A lot of customization is also involved here since the project scope is focused on maximizing the spatial potential and possible design solutions that could increase the kitchen’s functionality.

Designers and contractors are more accustomed to this type of remodeling than anyone might think. Although if you plan to execute this project, you need to get a building permit to proceed. You might be wondering why it is necessary. Upscale kitchen projects affect the structural integrity of the home. Thus it needs careful inspection and planning from design and construction professionals.

This is also the most expensive out of all the three kitchen projects. If you choose this scale, expect to pay hundreds of thousands to remodel your kitchen. They might not advise you to live inside your house until the completion. You might also be forced to compromise on your typical cooking setup as the remodeling is in progress.

Full-scale kitchen overhauls also take the longest and will surely disrupt a lot of flow inside the home due to its extensive demolition.

How will you decide which ones to pick?

No worries, you need help deciding which ones to pick. We will show you how to make the best decision for your kitchen.

Do some evaluation on your own.

Make your assessment of what’s needed and what’s not. Regardless of the scale of the remodel, you would still shell out a lot of money. This is a bit of expert advice: if you’re going for a maximum value for your home, particularly a resale, a minor refresh is the key.

However, if you want to add some extra features and completely change the space, a partial and upscale remodeling is the way to go. Achieving peak comfort within the kitchen is one of the best feelings, therefore, don’t hesitate and go for it. Everything will work out if you have the funds and patience.

Know the trends for you to keep up.

And when you start to remodel your kitchen, consider its mass appeal. If you overdo the customization and the next buyer might not like it, all that money spent will go to waste. Go for features and design styles that are well-liked in general.

It is also essential to know your neighborhood well, especially if you’re going for a partial or upscale kitchen remodel. Undertaking such projects requires you to study the area you live in. After all, location is a significant factor in the real estate market.

Keep in mind that money matters.

Be wise about how much you’re supposed to spend to get a heaping amount of returns once your existing home is sold. Ultimately, all three types of kitchen remodeling projects will cost you money and heavily depend on the results.

And here’s another piece of advice: never deprive yourself of good kitchen appliances which are energy-saving and economical for the long term. Choosing cheap materials may also free up your budget but significantly hurt your kitchen’s functionality.

Experts have been saying that it’s better to splurge on brand-new and high-end appliances that run on energy-saving functions; than cheap and dated appliances, which are potential hazards in the future.

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