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Despite being best known as a drywall installer in Dundalk, MD, GMP Construction can help you with your kitchen remodeling needs. One kitchen element that’s taking the world by storm is the kitchen islands, the perfect piece for extra storage and space.

The kitchen is an integral part of every house. It’s a requirement for every household to have one for it to be called a home. After all, it’s responsible for providing the victuals, the food, and drinks, among the fundamental necessities for men to survive.

While a kitchen is accessible for everyone, owning an impressive one isn’t an easy catch. There isn’t a specific blueprint of what makes up the perfect kitchen. Nobody may even confidently say that such a thing exists. But some elements add value to and improve the area’s aesthetics.

Homeowners often go through rounds of kitchen remodeling to achieve the design they’re content with and proud of. Most of them change countertops, replace equipment to match an aesthetic, and sometimes, all they do is add a lovely kitchen island.

Kitchen Islands

Besides having the space perfect for cooking, a great kitchen must have great storage and an eye-catching display and serve multiple purposes. While this generally defines a kitchen, an excellent ol’ kitchen island also addresses these matters. From an additional flat surface suitable for cooking or food prep to a space that may serve as a seating area, a kitchen island is an excellent addition to any home.

Before contacting your trusted contractor, here is what you might be getting from installing one.

Additional Space

While its dimensions may vary depending on the island’s general size, every island kitchen boasts a flat surface. This additional surface provides more space to cook or prep your meals.

Others may counter that this can be done on every other countertop available. Sure, this is true. But most countertops aren’t built with enough space to simultaneously hold more equipment. A kitchen island is spacious enough to have more without you repeatedly moving, taking, and returning equipment.

Additionally, other than the surface, kitchen islands offer more storage options. Its thick body is the perfect area for drawers, cabinets, and securing a space for your trash bins. With enough customization, this space can turn into wine racks, utensils, and mug holders.

Hence, a kitchen island might be the perfect option if you believe your kitchen lacks more space and can’t add more cabinets.

Seating Space

Not only are kitchen islands ideal for extra storage, but they’re also fitted to be seating areas. By adding stools, they can serve as an informal dining area. For kids who can’t separate from you whenever you prepare food, a kitchen island can help them watch while you do your job.

They’re also perfect for guests coming over. Your regular table might not have enough seats for everyone, and having them eat in the living room can be awkward or a major ick. Kitchen islands can cater to an additional six people, perfect for them to enjoy their meals on.

Various Functions

Kitchen islands don’t only function as additional storage and seating space. They can also work as your workstation. Who says you can’t enjoy a good meal while working? Or who can stop you from preparing a good meal while working on your report? Absolutely nobody.

Since it can also provide you with sockets and it’s far from the sink, kitchen islands can double as desks for your laptop or other work-related items.

They aren’t only work-friendly. They’re also childproof. Again, with its additional seating, you can easily plop your child on it while doing their homework or if they want to help fix food. This isn’t only an excellent opportunity to bond. But it also enables you to keep a close eye on your kids.

Should You Get One?

A kitchen island surely elevates your kitchen’s appeal as a design element. It also adds more value to your home. However, before you focus on incorporating one, you must consider if you have ample space for it. Ideally, kitchen islands must have a 42-inch space on each side to allow no disruption in your movement and function.

You can estimate your space ahead of calling for remodeling. Examine your total available area. If you have more than enough, consider how big you want your island to be, and ensure that you still have enough room for movement.

If you’re sold on the idea of a kitchen island with your next remodel, get in touch with the best remodeling company. While GMP Construction may be most known as a drywall installer in Dundalk, MD, they’re also perfect for your kitchen remodeling needs.

One of the services they take pride in is island installation, on top of their complete kitchen renovation services. Hence, they’re the best number to call if you’re interested in getting yours.

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