The simple act of giving tells a person everything they need to know. All the more if giving is done during special moments.

They say that it is better to give than to receive and that there’s a whole lot of meaning and feeling that comes with giving. The simple act of giving a token is enough to put a smile on a frowning face. Giving gifts of chocolates, flowers, or jewelry can send someone over the moon with the feeling of appreciation or love! Even as simple as a note with written words that says “thank you” or “I love you” is enough to light up anyone’s day the whole day. Juliet Kashidas’ alluring necklaces with love in the USA exemplify the significance, and the remarkable effect gift-giving brings. Juliet Kashidas, the owner of Julesgifts, has a wide variety of stunning gift collections for a whole year round of occasions! From exquisitely made necklaces priced at $49.95 and necklaces and earrings set at $69.95 collections to novelty coffee mugs priced at $19.95 with that personal touch of endearing and inspiring messages, Julesgifts shop is a perfect one-stop-shop for gifts for all occasions! 

Special Occasions Perfect for Giving

The truth is, anyone can give in any time of the day and on any day of the year. But there are those special occasions that stand out and boost those feelings that came with giving and receiving. Special events are a good enough reason to customize and add those personal touches to gifts and tokens to make them all the more meaningful. 

Mill Glow Collections are also perfect gifts for those special gift-giving occasions. Milla Glow specializes in creating handmade natural skin care products that bring out that healthy, youthful, and beautiful glow – that perfect look for any occasion!  

Here are some special occasions that are worth preparing and looking forward to with and for loved ones:


Birthdays take the top spot when it comes to special occasions. This occasion is probably the most special because it celebrates the individual. It marks the day they were born. It celebrates THEM. Birthdays serve as a reminder that a person is unique, that there is no other like them. And that is reason enough to celebrate. 

Birthday gifts often are personalized to reflect the receiver’s personality. They receive gifts they like or that the giver knows they’ll be inspired with, making birthdays a top special occasion in people’s hearts. 

Wedding Anniversary

That special day celebrated every year reminds couples of an important event in their life – their wedding anniversary. Anniversaries cover a range of occasions that are particularly significant in a person’s life. It can be a wedding or civil partnership, the death of a loved one, the day someone bought their first car or home, or even something meaningful such as a war memorial or founding of a community, government, etc. 

Wedding anniversaries are significant because it is a celebration of love, of a union. Celebrating wedding anniversaries allows couples to reminisce on that particular event and reflect on their relationship and achievement as a couple. 

Valentine’s Day

Yes, the hearts, flowers, and chocolate’s day. That February 14th day is celebrated by couples all over the world. A day that highlights love and romance – Valentine’s Day. So, take out that jewelry, personalized gifts, chocolate, flowers, gift baskets, etc., and give your loved ones appreciation and love for their hearts’ desire. 

But Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers. A big misconception. Loved ones could also mean family and friends. Basically, anyone and everyone who wants to give love and needs love can celebrate Valentine’s day. 

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, celebrated on separate occasions, are special commemorations for all parents. These two occasions recognize the effort and love exerted by parents for their families. So, flowers for mothers out there to show them that their love, warmth, and comfort knows no equal. Chocolates for dads for their all-out unconditional support, the ultimate family supporter, provider, and even defender. 


It’s the most glorious time of the year! An overused phrase but nevertheless still very much endearing. Christmas gift-giving is probably one of the favorite gift-giving occasions for almost everybody. The excitement of planning and looking for gifts, despite the Christmas shopping frenzy, is a moment to look forward to. The Christmas spirit knows no equal. The essence of the occasion reflects joy, peace, love, hope, and giving. Plus, there’s that added sentimental feeling that is cherished and can be carried and passed down from generation to generation. 

Juliet Kashidas’ alluring necklaces with love in the USA expresses all the reason to give love on all occasions. But then gift-giving should not be limited to occasions only. Although special occasions enhance the meaning behind giving, giving on any day and at any time is just as special.

Plan for those special moments now, and go for the gifts that tell of inspiration, hope, and love.

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