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The computer has five basic parts: the central processing unit, the motherboard, the hard disk or solid-state drive, the access memory, and a graphics processing unit. If anything goes awry in any of these components, it’s, without a doubt, frustrating attempting to figure out where the actual damage is as a non-expert. Keep in mind these are only the basic components.

Now imagine looking at the computer as a whole and identifying the precise source of a technical complication. You must examine 50 or more components and peripherals to arrive at a diagnosis. As a non-specialist, this is close to impossible.

Does your hard drive cause the issue? Perhaps, the battery?

There are numerous components to take the blame for, but time is too precious to baselessly pin the problem on each of these components and test them one by one. The good news is that troubleshooting technical issues can get you quickly moving by asking yourself a few questions to limit your variables and arrive at the correct source.

What Exactly Are You Experiencing?

“I’m having problems with my email.” This is the easiest answer to give to this question. But is giving this response the proximal approach to arriving at a solution? The answer is also an easy no.

While this gives uncomplicatedly gives the problem. It vaguely describes what exactly is wrong with the email. It’s similar to asking someone what they want to eat and them answering, “I want a breakfast meal.” What breakfast meal do you want?

To pinpoint why your device is acting strange, you must first determine the what, when, and who of the issue you’re experiencing. And this doesn’t mean who last touched your device for blaming. This means breaking down what happened before things went wrong. If you have access to more devices, try checking if the email works on those, or is the issue just happening in one? When did the application stop working – after sending an email or immediately after opening it?

In most instances, what seems like a general issue is something particular. The best way to find out is by continuously digging through the problem to gather more details. The better and narrower the questions you ask, the more specific your answers will be and the more components you’ll eliminate. In doing so, you’ll get closer to the root of the problem. By getting a pretty good grasp of the situation, you’re not only solving the crisis at hand, but you might also learn a thing or two to avoid the issue in the future.

Reproduce the Problem

After gathering enough data, it’s time to deal with the problem per se. Reproducing the problem doesn’t mean intentionally damaging another computer component to experience the same issue. It’s about verifying whether you can recreate the problem using the same process as you did on another similar device. For instance, if you encounter a problem on a laptop, find another laptop and do the same process. This way, you’re accurately reproducing the issue.

In doing so, you may encounter the same problem or not. Either way, you can develop theories about the issue based on observations and take multiple steps as solutions. More devices to reproduce the issue can help you catch the culprit easier.

Attempt a Fix

Now that you have enough data and have formulated theories based on problem reproduction, it’s time to try fixing the issue. If this were a science class, this is where experimentation comes in. You must undergo different processes to test your theories or hypothesis and arrive at a conclusion. You may tweak your device’s settings, change computer parts, or update software until you arrive at a solution.

This is where things get extra complicated for the non-experts’ eyes, especially since it can be challenging going back to default settings or the initial point after doing all these experiments.

Still, Stumped?

Understandably, these steps won’t save you from any tech and IT issues. But these should help direct you on the correct path to determine what’s wrong with your device.

If unsure how to proceed or if all else fails, you can always lean on professionals’ assistance. TwoFeld Tech LLC offers comprehensive computer repair services. If you’re still stuck finding a fix on software or any technical issue, they provide a wide variety of IT services like troubleshooting windows updates service in OH and nearby areas. Their technicians will help you diagnose the problem, get things running, and make necessary recommendations to avoid making the same issues.

With their help, you don’t have to keep guessing and fixing, only to go back to square one. Their expertise will provide you with a stable fix to your problem.

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