Fall is the optimal time to plant trees. As mundane as it may seem, planting trees bring all kinds of assets to your property, be it aesthetic, shade, and homes for wildlife. They offer bountiful benefits to both ecosystems and our health. Obviously, without them, the human race as you know it wouldn’t exist. However, there are many instances when cutting down a tree or two from your property is beneficial. 

Tree removal is a topic many homeowners hesitate about. Whether you’re talking about a years-old tree or a sapling in your yard, cutting down even a single tree has long been seen as damaging the local environment, but that is not always the case. Fortitude Landscaping, a landscaping service in Colorado, believes that cutting down a backyard tree can be good since it can cause you a host of problems. 

There have been numerous horror stories about falling trees, all of which lead to severe consequences. Discover how carefully considered tree removal can benefit you, the landscape, and the native faunas and floras. 

Reduces Risk of Falling Trees

Trees are free to play by their own rules. They can spread and stretch their branches up as high as they’ll grow and point old, weak limbs to the floor in a freefall. Of course, you would want the tree to look natural while also ensuring they grow strong, but sometimes, it poses many risks.  

As trees weaken, they become more susceptible to snow, rain, wind, and storms. Often, weak trees drop lots of debris on your yard, roof, or sidewalk, which can be hazardous. Pruning and trimming is an unlikely option to make a tree easier to live with. Completely removing it is sometimes necessary for your family’s safety. This may be true to a single tree on your property or acres of forest. A weak, dying tree has a compromised structure, so it’s only a matter of time before it falls on its own accord. Even healthy trees fall. Instead of waiting for nature to take its course—potentially collapsing on your home or causing injuries to a person—work with the Fortitude Landscaping team for safe and immediate removal. 

Maintain Trees Health and Vigor

Since trees are such a peaceful, serene part of the backyard, it’s easy to forget that they require care to thrive. See, the weather can do a number on your trees. A weakened tree jeopardizes the trunk leading to scalding and splitting, leaving an entry point for infestations from pathogens and pests. 

Insects and diseases are minimized when trees are well managed and maintained, even if it means not saving the tree. Once a tree is compromised, it can be difficult to keep its health and vigor. Rather than waiting for its condition to worsen, cutting it down is the single best way to prevent and minimize infestations. 

Prevent the Spread of Diseases and Infestations

As mentioned above, trees can suffer from infestations and diseases. Often, we notice these issues when it is at its peak, making it difficult to treat them. Immediately removing backyard trees limits the threat of a wide-spreading infestation on your property and in your area. Invasive insects and diseases are threatening numerous tree species throughout the country. Hence, if you suspect a tree is diseased or infested, it’s best to take action right away and have it removed before it can cause more damage to other trees and the rest of your property. Additionally, preventing the spread of these pests to new areas is critical for protecting valuable forest resources. 

Purely Convenient

Among the many benefits of removing a tree is the convenience it presents on the table: more space and quick and easy maintenance. For those working on a smaller piece of land, there may not be much choice but to cut down some trees to make room for landscaping or building a shed and other amenities. Cutting down some trees will help you get more flexibility and freedom with the plans for your property. 

Secondly, raking your yard, especially during fall, can get tiresome quickly, and surely plenty of paint jobs have suffered damage from tree saps. Removing trees can eliminate all of your headaches, meaning you never have to worry about your property getting damaged. 

It’s easy to fall into the do-it-yourself trap of cutting down yard trees; ensure to acquire a professional to do the work for you. While it may be an extra expense, the cost to cut down a tree is well worth it. Hence, if you’re interested to move forward with the tree removal, contact the Fortitude Landscaping crew for quick and high quality service. This team of professionals will help you eliminate potential tree hazards, especially if the it does more harm than good. 

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