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For those who always have the heart for adventure, preparation is always considered important. Preparedness can lessen your fear, reduce anxiety, and calm your mind before embarking on the trip that you have been dreaming of for so long. There are definitely a couple of things that you need to be ready, so you wouldn’t be inconvenienced during the whole course of your journey.  

Now that the world is still fighting the pandemic, there will be more things to pack and consider. If you opt to travel across the country, then you’d have to research and follow the health protocols of your destination. But worry not; your outdoor trip will definitely be the most memorable one. Just don’t forget to add these to your checklist before setting your sail:

Proper clothing

Clothes are part of basic human needs. Wherever you may be in the world, you surely need some clothes to go on with your daily life. Since you are going on an adventure, make sure that the bunch that you are packing will suit the weather. If you are traveling in summer, pack some light and weather-relevant clothes. But, if you are going on a trip at a colder time of the year, then jackets, coats, and boots would be necessary. On the condition that the out-of-town journey would take you more than 24 hours, then make sure to load enough pieces of clothes so you wouldn’t inconveniently have to buy a new one and go over the budget.

Food and beverages

Without food and beverages, you would lose energy, which means that you cannot make the most out of your adventure. If you are going camping, fishing, sightseeing, swimming, and other forms of exciting trips, then you must secure enough food and drinks that will nourish you. Make sure that you will not starve and go dehydrated. Create a grocery list of how much and what type of food and drinks that you’d want to bring that will suffice for how many days. But if you are on a road trip, you always have the option to only pack some snacks and stop at restaurants and diners along the way. On moments that you are checking in a hotel or Airbnb, then you can check out the establishment’s menu so you wouldn’t need to pack a bag of food.

Tools and equipment

Tools and equipment are also considered essential. However, there are some circumstances that it would be unnecessary to pack them. It is all depending on what adventure you’re taking. On conditions that you are going fishing, hunting, or camping, then they are necessary. You must pack a tent, folding chairs, pot, tumbler, knife, and the likes. Every tool that can make your life easier during your trip must be ready. Another important thing to be ready for is a honer. Why? At times that your knife or scissors for cooking are becoming dull or your hooks or arrowheads for fishing or hunting are not sharp enough, then honers would come in handy. Le Beau’s honer is one to consider during these trips because it is “the only knife sharpener you’ll ever need:” thus, you can definitely see the honor in honer.

 When it comes to travel and tour trips, bringing tools and equipment might be unnecessary. The travel agency will cater to your needs and will make ensure the comfort of your accommodation. Hence, you may consider listing this on your checklist but remember that it all depends on the adventure that you’ve signed up with.

First-aid and hygiene kit

First-aid kits are handy. You’ll never know if you’d get a small scrape, cuts, or burns during your trip, especially if you’ve chosen to take the outdoor ones. Having a first-aid kit is significant because you can immediately treat a minor injury before it can become severely infected and lead to a bigger problem. You might want to add some prescribed medicines and a couple of vitamins too. When it comes to hygiene kits, pack some masks, sanitizers, alcohols, and the likes. Why? It is already common knowledge that the pandemic is still occurring, and following proper hygiene and health protocols would make you safe and protected.

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