3D printed appliances are the newest trend today. Among the various decors to 3D print and companies specializing in this style, Casa Z, a 3D planter and cachepots designer in United States, fares well with the rest.

Technological advancements continue to soar with people, professional or not, ceaselessly innovating things that enhance the quality of life. These advancements flock to the general market. This results in people seeking new things, whether to fill in necessities or purely for their personal satisfaction. There’s a never-ending demand for everything new, from the latest advanced gadgets to the newest, chicest appliances and accessories.

Among these advancements, the concept of 3D printing has caught the interest of many. While its birth can be traced back to the 1980s, its popularity only recently skyrocketed with the rise of people’s computer dependency. While the concept is fairly new, people quickly hopped on to this craze. And it’s with a substantial reason.

The Many Advantages of 3D Printing

3D printing creates items that are computer designed and produced through layering multiple materials together. This provides people the liberty to have almost any design for their appliances. The sky’s the limit when it comes to 3D printing. This method doesn’t only make appliances physically attractive. 3D printed appliances are also lightweight, water-repellent, and stronger. However, these benefits also come at a relatively higher cost. These decors are more expensive compared to their counterparts in the market.

If you’re still on board and open to going above your budget, here are some 3D-printed decors you can purchase for your personal and office space needs.

Eiffel Chairs by Ventury Paris

Who says corporate workspaces need to be dull and formal? Romanticize that nine-to-five job by making your office look Parisian. You can work from the city of love with these pattern copies of the iconic landmark – the Eiffel Tower. Adding this Parisian touch of elegance to your office will undeniably lift its overall ambiance.

Their Gaudi Collection

Aside from their Eiffel Chair, you can also check out Ventury’s Gaudi-inspired collection. With a lounge chair and bar stools available, transform your office space and make it look more casual, sophisticated, and chic. Inspired by the architect Antoni Gaudi’s art nouveau architecture, this collection adds a touch of modernism to a typically bleak space. The collection has a gold metallic finish, making these pieces of furniture a luxurious stand-out for any visitor.

Ventury is a 3D printing furniture firm based in France, offering designer creations typically designed with French landmarks in mind. Enhance your office’s whole aesthetic and enliven your space with their unique and commonly amorous designs. Who knows, maybe upping your space’s design might influence not only the mood but also the employee’s productivity?

Casa Z Planters

Without a doubt, offices can sometimes be suffocating. With every corner a reminder of deadlines and heaps of workload, employees would need a second or two to breathe. Here’s where office plants come into the spotlight. They are an aesthetic piece that brings nature indoors, and plants provide therapeutic benefits for anyone.

For the best planters company, choose Casa Z. Casa Z is a 3D planter and cachepots designer in the United States. What makes them at the top of their game is their wide range of designs that can fit in any of your office’s rooms. Need a planter for your lounge space? Buy their Big Bob Sitting or Meditating Planters. How about a planter to encourage work productivity? Then their Adventurer collection can increase office production.

With “home” being the very essence of their company, Casa Z’s designs add comfort and relaxation to your typically buzzing office space. Add zen energy to your office through Casa Z’s planters.

Vortex Bookshelf by Joris Laarman Lab

Regarding 3D printed shelves, Joris Laarman Lab’s Vortex bookshelf undeniably comes first on the list. This bookshelf doesn’t only make a functional organizing system. It’s an art piece. While the shelf may seem like an impossible shelving system with its outrageous design, every space on it can be used to store varying sizes of items. Don’t just settle for a brick-esque shelf. Aim for elegance and style with Joris Laarman Lab’s bookshelf.

Walnut Table by Aleksandrina Rizova

Don’t limit the touch of nature in your office with plants. Incorporate it into your furniture as well. Aleksandrina’s Walnut table is the perfect blend of modernism and natural beauty. The table boasts a wooden angular tabletop supported by intricately designed cellular printed legs. It’s ideal for your receiving or lounge area with warmth and eye-catching details.

Office furniture and accessories are an essential part of any office. They don’t only influence the space’s aesthetic and mood but are prominent influencers of productivity and efficiency.

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