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Whether you want to make your home feel a little more welcoming or you are looking to show off your decorative tastes, carpet flooring is an excellent way to do both. 

A new, cozy carpet allows you to combine comfort with quality without sacrificing your ability to make your home an addition to your lifestyle and personality. Many designs, colors, and textures suit any room in your house. The sensible benefits of having carpet over hard surface flooring make it even more attractive to millions of homeowners.

There are other advantages to having carpet flooring. Carpet can lessen your carbon fingerprint by providing insulation to your floor and keeping warm air in the home during the winter while significantly reducing your energy bill. It also helps trap dust and allergens that otherwise remain in the air. Installation and long-term maintenance generally cost much less than tile or traditional hardwood flooring.

New technology has also made carpets simpler to manufacture. Fibers are now made more durable than ever. According to recent studies, 85% of a collected 121 million pounds of used or old carpet can be recycled into new products, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. So whether you are eco-friendly, artistic, or want to add a warm, homey touch to your home, carpet is definitely for you. It reduces your home’s “slip and slides” factor and risks, making it a safer and more friendly environment for pets and youngsters.

Suppose you are interested in buying a new carpet. In that case, you will want to shop at stores where you can get good advice, good selection, quality installation services, and honest business practices—at reasonable prices. Check out these five (5) of the best carpet stores near you in Minnesota!   

5 Best Carpet Stores For You To Check Out in Minnesota

1. Don Nash Flooring. Don Nash Flooring is a leading carpet sales and installation company in Ham Lake, Minnesota. Their Team of experts is committed to serving Ham Lake, MN, homeowners (including its surrounding areas) to live a more comfortable life with carpet sales and professional installation. They will bring the showroom right to your doorsteps and make it easy for you to select from a wide area of quality carpets by getting the showroom right to your door, helping you pick the best option for each room in the house. They make mobile carpet sales in Minnesota. Then, they use their decades of knowledge and expertise to provide long-lasting installation and new flooring that improves the appearance and comfort of your home. Contact them through their webpage form or call them today at 612-210-2941 to schedule your free estimate! When it comes to top-quality carpets and expert installation, they are the name to trust.

2. Lyle’s Flooring America. Lyle’s is more than just a flooring specialty store. They are experts trained in flooring sales and design and will help you find the perfect floor for how you live. They are located at 17900 US-61, Minnesota City, Minnesota 55959, US. Further, as part of America’s leading flooring retail group, their 500-store nationwide buying power guarantees you low prices on hundreds of carpet types and other flooring options backed by the most solid warranties in the floor covering industry. Check out their website now!

3. Above All Hardwood Floors And Carpets. Above All Flooring has provided the best flooring solutions, including refinishing, buff/coats, hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, tile/stone, and carpet, since 1996. Their Team of service-driven craftsmanship is dedicated to excellent customer service and quality results. They are an authorized Mohawk dealer with access to exclusive product lines and an extensive catalog and are locally owned and operated in Prior Lake, Minnesota. Call today or visit their website for your FREE estimate!

4. Bloomington Carpet One. Bloomington Carpet One is your locally owned flooring expert! They have been in business since 1989 and have performed over 95,000 installations. With Bloomington Carpet, new floors can completely transform a room and offer many of the best products. Whether for your business or home, they have a professional staff dedicated to assisting you in finding the floor solutions that will work for you. Of course, please feel free to check out their website, and they will be happy to help you and let you enjoy your shopping experience! 

5. Kelly Carpets And Flooring. Kelly Carpets carry all the brands renowned for their durability, quality, and first-rate value and will deliver the best results, whatever your requirements. You can view their extensive range at their showroom in Blackpool, Cork, where you can meet Donal & Lorna Kelly and their expert Team. You can also book a call with them, and they will get their sample van to you. They can alternatively arrange for an interior designer to call your home or business to advise on their extensive range of products.

Schedule a consultation from the above store suggestions and get started on your new carpet project!

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