Keys are one of the most important things we carry every day. Without it, you won’t be able to enter your house or drive your car making your day useless. Despite this, we sometimes don’t give good effort to maintain them. So, other than making sure they properly fit into your keyhole, how should you look after your keys?

Since it’s closely linked to a very valuable thing – both your house and car – your keys can be one of the first things a burglar will set their eyes on. Do you have a safe place to store them that isn’t found easily? Is it stored somewhere you won’t forget quickly as well?

Hanging them on a hook by your door obviously won’t do as it’s right in front of someone’s eyesight when they enter. Instead, it’s advisable to keep them in the same place every night, preferably somewhere close to you while you sleep. This way, not only will it make it harder for you to forget it, but it’s also easily accessible if ever there will be emergencies at night.

Additionally, never leave them under your doormats, stones, pots, or in your letterbox. These spots are the most common areas where people usually keep their keys.

Another great practice to follow for your and your keys’ safety is having a spare or duplicate. It’s smart to give your family or close relatives and friends copies of your keys. By doing this, you’re decreasing the chances of you hopelessly getting locked out.

Before duplicating keys, you need to make sure you’re approaching decent locksmiths that do their jobs properly. You can’t have duplicates that won’t fit into your keyhole. Locksmiths such as Infinity Key Locksmith – an emergency locksmith in Miramar – can be your trusted companion in this.

Keys, despite them looking sturdy, bend pretty easily if used daily. It is why it’s essential to check on your keys every now and then and make sure they don’t have damages on their ridges or biting cuts. A bend on a key will affect its functions and, likewise, affect the lock’s state. If you notice a bend, you definitely should already contact a locksmith to fix it for you.

When it comes to its state, remember to keep your keys away from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Storing them at a hot or cold temperature can result in rusting, thus damaging your keys’ ridges. Additionally, if you’re keeping them on a key holder, it’s best to take them off regularly. These key holders might accumulate dust and dirt around your keys and affect their capacity to function.

Furthermore, another source of rust for keys is wetness. Keep your keys dry at all times. Just as how temperature can result in rusting, water does too. If your keys do get wet, make sure to dry them. However, it’s also advisable to clean your keys regularly. You can do so by spraying them with an all-purpose cleaner or with alcohol. Let it sit for a while for the solution to work its magic. Afterward, gently wipe it off clean. It’s essential to keep them clean since this extends their shelf life, keeping them in good condition.

Other than the keys’ physical state, there is another means of making sure they stay safe. You won’t believe the importance of a keychain, not until you accidentally drop your keys near a sewer grate and have the key survive. Additionally, having a keychain helps you avoid losing your keys easily. However, while keychains are useful, never keep all of your keys on one chain. Separate your house keys, car keys from your workplace keys – with this, you can make sure that if you lose one key, you won’t be losing everything.

Treat your keys like how you treat your wallet. Take them only if necessary. It is also advisable to always keep them in your pockets, especially mixing them with your phone or wallet. If you take your phone or wallet out, you risk dropping your key. And since it’s not as big as either the former, you might not notice it gone.

There’s more to maintaining keys than just cleaning and storing the key itself. Since it works together with the lock, it’s equally important that you observe the keyholes as well. If you live in a cold climate, you can use a lubricating spray directly unto the holes before frost or dust accumulates.

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