Home is more than a place. It is a cultural concept, an idea, a kind of loyalty.

A ‘sense of place’ can be achieved through the thoughtful and considered actions of home strategists, planners, designers, architects, and contractors. Every home needs a comfortable, relaxing, and chic; space where one can escape for an hour or two every day. To some homeowners, an indulgent bedroom design like this remains an elusive dream. But planning a dreamy bedchamber or an ideally-looking space in your home is not too difficult. You have to get the best home transformation contractor there is.  

If you happen to be looking for a home contractor in Brampton, Ontario, and its neighboring areas, then this article is for you. Below are my best five home space transformation contractors.

Phinesse Construction GroupPhinesse Construction Group is an expert in three unique groups of service areas. Their services include multi-room remodeling, accessibility modifications, and legal basement services. They are competitively priced and know the “how-to” in creating your vision the way you desire or offering advice on transforming the space into something magnificent. They use state-of-the-art technology to keep track of all projects, allowing visible communication between the client and their team. Their team creates a project schedule and gives clients their portal login to track job progress, request changes, and make progress payments. Phinesse Construction Group stands by its craft with one-year support against defects caused by improper assembly or construction.  

Golden Glen Homes. Golden Glen Homes – It all began with the idea that transformed the way people look at construction today. Their team started with the goal of making the structure simple, transparent, and dependable. Their professional and committed team of specialists and industry experts will use their years of experience and skills to meet your construction objectives on time, on budget, and to the best possible standard. Their clients are always their top concern at Golden Glen Homes. When you work with them, you can expect them to bring originality, honesty, and uncompromising professionalism to your project, ensuring that they consistently exceed your expectations. 

Zumin Home Center. Other companies aim to transform your home; at Zumin, they want to change your life. Zumin is a customer-focused business and offers a variety of programs like Renovate Now, Pay Later, and My Home My Way to ensure your dream home is delivered both on time and within budget. They are committed to creating unique and inviting spaces that are focused on the things you love, all while offering 100% satisfaction and standing by their product with their one-year comprehensive warranty.

M & D Builders. M & D Buildings bring experience and expertise to your home renovation project. They are responsible for handling the kitchen, bathroom, basement, exterior decks, fences, etc. With qualified and experienced staff, the company is well-known for completing all aspects of home remodeling, roofing design, and maintenance. They have built numerous homes for families in Mississauga and surrounding regions. In addition to this, they have built a reputation among our customers by focusing on quality, simplicity, and today’s lifestyle and changing technologies. The company also understands that major renovations like additions and upgrades require a considerable investment. Thus, they are committed to delivering quality services, maximizing comfort, and minimizing inconvenience. M & D Buildings believes in keeping homeowners happy and satisfied. That is why their company has built relationships with suppliers and contractors to handle the projects from start to finish. A team of commercial contractors, M & D provides full service to suit your needs and expectations.

Cedar Hills Contracting. Cedar Hills Contracting offers professional services to homeowners, companies, and commercial building owners who seek expertise in Custom Homes, additions, and interior renovations. Clients come to them with their visions, turning them into reality with professional input and design features. They also strive to listen to clients’ needs, produce a variety of thoughtful design solutions and stay abreast of the latest construction technologies. Also, they have been serving for the last 22 years. The company knows the value of your home to you. They start with an evaluation and free estimations and assure homeowners to deliver the perfect customized home for their families. Cedar Hills Contracting takes pride in its cost-effective solutions, free estimates, timely delivery, quality work, and Feedback from its customers.

Closing Deal

Whether creating a more fluid living space, opening up a small kitchen, or finishing the basement, the list of contractors mentioned above has the skills and experience to transform your space effectively. The first step is to check out their websites!

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