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Space restriction has always been a headache for interior designers—but for those who want carpet installation in Ham Lake, Minnesota, a range of design options is possible!

The average room in the United States is about 9.5 sq. m. which is small. Yet, one can only do so little if one wants to spice things up, aesthetically speaking. Piling on more elements is not an option since it would mean detracting from the overall style. Also, too much stuff makes it look like you are a chronic hoarder. And that is not an image you want following you forever if you are thinking of showing off your design choices. One must learn to deal with space to move forward with their ideas. So what can an individual do, given the limitations?

That’s where carpeting comes in. 

But first, what is a carpet?

A carpet, at its most basic, is a floor covering. It usually offers warmth, comfort, and a soft overlay for feet. Working with Carpets can be sourced naturally, generally from wool, or artificially, generally nylon, depending on which properties best fit the room the customer has in mind. One can choose from various carpet styles and colors, many of which can last for years. 

How can working with carpets help beautify a room?

The presence of a carpet can severely impact how a room looks, elevating its atmosphere and general mood. And that is without factoring in the comfort and firmness it adds. Working with Carpets comes with various functions, each contributing to the aesthetic appeal of a room, from simple mats that provide coziness to elaborate styles that add an air of exoticism to rugs that transform entirely how a piece of furniture fits in the room. 

An all-white, austere room with nothing but similarly colored furniture can look marvelous–if you are going for a secretive feel that screams “office of a nebulous organization.” The same goes for lovely wooden floors or stark and polished marble–although the effect seems more vacant and dreadfully bare. 

It would help if you had something that ties everything down, a design anchor that keeps it from sailing away without concern. And that is a carpet.

Of course, not just any carpet, but one that slides in seamlessly with the overall style you are gunning for or one that not only coheres everything but lifts it to a higher level than what was initially intended. 

What is the best choice for working with carpets?

As was said before, in a different sequence of words, no one carpet will fit all design choices. There is no one-carpet-fits-all scheme. There are almost thousands of carpet permutations to choose from: area rugs, runners, accent rugs, mini carpets, mats, and more! Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but their addition will surely enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room you place them in, provided they match the interior décor. 

Working with Carpets is not so easy. So, to give you an idea of how to pick and choose which carpet for which space, here are some common matchups that will have you buying a carpet soon.

Area rugs are for rooms with extra space. 

Area rugs are perfect for rooms that expect a bit more traffic, such as the living room or bedroom, but they are also excellent for other rooms. They are mainly used to provide comfort and a bit of warmth. When using area rugs, it is best to put them beneath the furniture and to go for bigger sizes.

Carpets unify every element in the room.

Think of carpets as another wall that you can quickly move around and have a range of colors and materials to choose from. An adequately chosen carpet can add weight to a room, and a perfectly chosen one can bring harmony. A good carpet is also an excellent touchstone, a focal point that draws the eyes to where it needs to be. 

Runners should be placed in the hallway.

Hallways are something that homeowners often ignore because they are not usually spaces that get much attention–but as the “roads” that lead from one room to another, they should also be aesthetically pleasing. A surefire way is placing runners in the hallway; runners are carpets specialized for narrow spaces. 

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If you are interested and looking for carpet installation in Ham Lake Minnesota, Don Nash Flooring has a wide selection of carpet choices!

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