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Providing accessibility modifications in Ontario, Canada, is a goal of the Phinesse Construction Group so that every Ontarian can live without hindrance.

Not all homes are welcome to everyone. What does this mean? Most houses are built with the “average” person in mind. The “average” person has all limbs and senses working correctly and can conform to societal standards. This implies that most public and otherwise spaces can be unaccommodating or, worst, hostile to those impaired in movement, senses, or sociability.

And while not to a degree as ancient Sparta, it cannot be denied that there are challenges for a disabled or elderly individual in engaging with broader society.

The solution to this is the embrace of accessibility, specifically accessible housing. 

What Is Accessible Housing?

Accessibility is the concept that spaces should be built to accommodate all persons, from the disabled to the “average” to the elderly. Accessibility advocates that everyone deserves a place where they can manage themselves and live to the fullness of their abilities. 

Accessible housing then means establishing houses that allow the independent living of people with conditions requiring deliberate assistance.

Who Are Most Affected By Inaccessible Housing?

Two groups are most affected by the lack of accessible housing: senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Senior Citizens

When one grows older, life inevitably becomes a bit harder. Shelves are too high all of a sudden; particular objects are unbalanced, floors are slipperier, etc. Of course, these are just the results of aging and a deteriorating body. This will eventually come to a point where living alone becomes a hazard, and daily assistance is necessary. There might even be cases where moving to a nursing home, or an assisted living facility is the only option.

But moving has its problems.

Phinesse Construction is of the idea that seniors are quite attached to where they have been living. Who wouldn’t when you’ve made a lot of memories there? Moving should only be done as a last resort.

Disabled Individuals

Unlike most senior citizens, disabled individuals live with a handicap for most, if not their entire lives. Society has never been very considerate of disabilities. That is because they prefer to ignore their needs or worse, most especially if the disability is something visible.

And as such, most disabled individuals are forced to adjust, even if it’s almost impossible. They are told to navigate a world built to be hostile to them.

Phinesse Construction advocates for helping disabled individuals get the full measure of independence and security afforded to everyone else.

The Necessity of Accessible Housing

A worrying amount of people believe that accessible housing means building homes that have state-of-the-art technology, where a clap can light up the room, a verbal command can turn on the television, or the floor lights up when you take a step. And while that may be beneficial to some, that is not necessarily an example of accessible housing, but that does describe a “smart home.” But having a smart home does not mean having accessible housing.

Accessibility in housing is about molding the space to actually meet the needs of the people who are potentially going to live there and call it home, whether that someone can do bench-presses easily, is sitting in a wheelchair, is legally deaf, or wears heavyset prescription glasses.

There are many individuals with disabilities, more than the average person can imagine, who all have a medley of problems that they have to contend with daily and deserve a home that provides them genuine comfort and ease of living. And as the population grows older, more people require accessibility.

By engaging with these groups and inviting them to the design and planning process, accessible housing can provide genuine independence and confidence. Everyone should live well in spaces that do not hinder their comfort. Accessible housing makes everyone flourish in their homes regardless of their condition.

Phinesse Construction Offers Their Tools and Knowledge to Everyone

The Phinesse Construction Group is dedicated to offering home solutions, including accessibility modifications in Ontario Canada. Their team does in-depth assessments to give their clients a complete picture of what changes are needed and what is absolutely necessary. Your residence will undoubtedly increase property values and aesthetic appeal through their quality improvements covering everything, from the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, and entryways. 

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