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Decluttering takes a lot of discipline. Being organized with your things require consistent practice until it becomes a habit. Today, we will uncover different myths about decluttering and how they influence estate clean-outs.

Decluttering is always challenging. It starts with the troublesome thought of clearing up space and objects you don’t need after a specific time. Then, it constantly finds something that makes you lost in a loop of nostalgia, and the cycle continues. With that, several gurus have provided a way out of the clutter.

The recent popularity of particular self-help organizing books has driven people to tidy up and finally clean up after themselves. However, decluttering takes so much more than just something that makes you feel any emotion or none at all. The art of decluttering is not a way of life that can be measured purely by emotion – no matter how therapeutic decluttering can be.

Decluttering myths uncovered

You cannot avoid cleaning for too long – it might cost you dearly if you neglect the state of your home, especially if you’re set on leaving it to be put up for sale. A dusty and dirty home won’t bode well for the next owner and might cause a decline in your estate’s resale value.

Here are the most common decluttering myths that might give insight into how you can make your space a tad bit organized before an estate clean-out:

1 – Decluttering must be around the clock

No one can ever avoid clutter all through life, no matter how organized you are. Being obsessively organized is not a realistic nor a practical way to keep things neat. Other factors like stress and fatigue or emotional moments may prevent a person from cleaning up their space or oddly finding relaxation amid the clutter.

We’re saying no one’s obligated to declutter all the time. Allow yourself to live through the mess and relax until you feel better. But as mentioned, decluttering is still a way to relieve stress, so do what you think is best. A balanced routine is always the key to a more decluttered life without wallowing over impossible organization standards.

2 – Decluttering can be done occasionally

While it is a regular, ongoing process of staying organized, decluttering is possible if done once in a while. Nothing beats the liberation you feel after clearing out unnecessary garbage that clogged up your space for so long.

To maintain a consistently tidy home, allocating regular time to declutter saves you from all the trouble that more enormous piles may cause later. Devote a portion of your time until it comes naturally without taking much action.

3 – Cleared space isn’t all that bad

Thinking about how clean a blank canvas could be can mean many things. The same can be said about a home that went through a major clean-out. Sometimes, it’s the negative connotation of the word “empty” that amplifies the myth in a wrong way.

However, decluttering isn’t just about getting up and clearing out. Part of the process is carefully calculating the things to keep and the ones to throw away.

4 – Minimalism is a must for decluttering

Realistically, living in minimalism is only for some. Embracing such a lifestyle may end up overbearing rather than calming for people not suited for it. Attempting to downsize your clutter drastically will be futile since a minimalist lifestyle is only sometimes enjoyable for everyone.

Sometimes, having more things beyond your needs is not so bad; being a minimalist person doesn’t make you better than others.

5 – Bad organization habits are irreversible

Don’t let any decluttering concept trick you into believing that being organized is an inherent thing you’re born with. Making a 180-degree turnaround from being the messy monster on earth takes a massive load of discipline and willpower to change their environment and, ultimately, themselves.

Being well-organized isn’t precisely a personality trait. Having the patience to take action and consistently do it is challenging for people who’ve gotten used to the clutter. That’s why it’s not always bad to call for professional cleaning services, especially if decluttering proves too much work for you. They are the most effective way for those who don’t have time to clean up.

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