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A bare and unfinished basement may increase storage capacity, but it ultimately retains the stagnant value of a half-renovated home. A well-done basement can still serve as a functional room other than a pool of cobwebs.

There are multiple reasons that you should take basement renovation for your home. Adding usable space and converting it into another living area adds value to your home. Whether you have guests or family members over, your basement is an extended part of the house.

Transforming the space is no easy feat since it requires a dramatic transformation with little natural light. Basements also have minimal ventilation since they were initially built underground. However, they can still be potential living spaces where people can stay for a while.

If your basement is turned into a functional space, it adds value for future resale for both current owners and potential buyers. Even though you might spend a lot on materials, labor, and utilities, especially significant disruption for a while, it is overall worth it.

Essential elements that must be in a basement renovation

Many homeowners might be wondering where to start their basement renovation projects. Thinking about how to use the space efficiently is stressful enough. Do you want it to be a multi-functional space featuring a kitchen, toilet, bath, or bedroom?

If you want to have a basement office or studio for more focused work, it is possible. After all, basements help block the outside noise, enabling concentration. Regardless of the space, you want, here are the essential elements that must be in your basement renovation:


This means more than the accessory lighting like table and floor lamps. Built-in lighting is the best way to go for your underground space. While track lighting is efficient, recessed lighting fixtures are ideal for adding basements. Adding them helps reduce corner shadows which creates an illusion of lowered ceiling.


It may seem strange to have a window in an underground space in the house, but it can allow more natural light. Some areas require this to serve as an emergency exit route. For basement renovations, you may use hopper windows, awning windows, picture windows, and sliding windows.


Most raw basements have an existing concrete floor. It may be easier to paint over it, but if you’re planning to turn it into a functional space, there might be better ways to go; if you’re going for an industrial interior design with polished concrete. Carpeting is also okay, as it is cheap and comfortable. However, a hardwood floor is not advisable if your area is prone to flooding.


Controlling the temperature is crucial to a well-built basement. It also reduces potential water damage, and you can save up on energy consumption, especially heating and cooling, by a significant percentage. Professional contractors can add insulation to the interior/exterior walls and ceiling. However, this is an expensive part of the process. It would be best if you spent a lot of time with a professional to ponder the insulation necessary in the basement.

The best basement renovation from Phinesse Construction Group

We mainly specialize in three unique services. First is the multi-room remodeling, in which we deal with simultaneous renovations in different rooms. We also offer accessibility modifications that perfectly cater to people with disabilities.

If you need legal basement renovations in Ontario, Phinesse Construction Group would love to work with you! Our competitive prices and expert knowledgeable crew help create the vision you have always wanted for your home. We make it possible for you with our extensive experience in various home renovations.

Our company uses state-of-the-art technology for project tracking, making communication easier for our team’s clients. Phinesse Construction also ensures that every project flow is organized to the bit.

Why hire us for legal basement renovation services

All aspects of the renovation that needs to be submitted for municipal evaluation are possible with our company. Our service covers Toronto/GTA, including Ontario. You can always rely on our experience to meet your expectations until the project is fulfilled.

With the various by-laws from each municipality, getting permits and other licenses that meet the Ontario Building Code standards can get complicated. That’s why you can trust us to get a pass from building inspectors and other professionals before starting the renovation.

Even if your basement is a small fraction of your house, that doesn’t mean it’s not as essential as the rest. To meet the standards set in the fire codebuilding code, and electrical standards, we are here to help you all the way.

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