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Have you ever wondered how you can make use of your skills in construction and serve the community at the same time? At Handshakers Construction, we work as a team to build our customers’ dream homes and provide efficient remodeling services!

Whether the homeowners’ basement needs total transformation to become a livable and vibrant space; or want their kitchens and bathrooms renewed, Handshakers Construction can do it all! Keeping up with our promise to provide the best Handshakers Bathroom remodeling services, and other improvements, you will feel at home with us.

Take a look at the following roles we offer, and see if you’re up for any of them:

Site Manager

The Site Manager role ensures that the project goes smoothly from start-up to completion. Every construction project needs to fit into the client’s budget, and that’s also another critical role that the Site Manager plays.

The Senior Manager manages the Juniors in every project. They take full responsibility for the project and are known as Project Managers or Project Directors. While both may have varying scopes, these two must be on-site at all times. The Junior and Senior Project Managers also need to be ready for relocation and travel longer distances when required.

Key Responsibilities of a Site Manager

  • Closely monitoring the construction progress
  • Ensuring that safety protocols are followed within the site
  • Cooperating with clients and potential stakeholders, keeping them updated
  • Motivating the contractors and staff and keeping them focused
  • Managing project budget
  • Preparing site reports, drawings, and other necessary documents
  • Assisting crew members and tradespeople on site

Requirements for the Site Manager Role

  • An all-around stamina
  • Knowledge of power tools and construction machinery
  • Outstanding project management skills
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Financial knowledge for budgeting is a plus
  • Several years of experience with a stellar portfolio
  • Impressive written and verbal communication skills
  • Willing to travel to different site
  • High school diploma

Being our site manager would be a great deal for you to learn more and grow in your career. You get to connect with people in the industry and improve your leadership skills.

General Labor

The General Laborer is in charge of manual labor and supporting on-site operations, including remodeling projects. Handle power and power tools are vital in accomplishing the tasks given. Therefore, high stamina and strength are needed.

Key responsibilities of the General Laborer

  • Clean up the site of hazardous materials and dirt
  • Assist crew members, carpenters, and other fellow laborers
  • Handle and transport construction materials and equipment
  • Follow instructions from supervisors
  • Put up warning signs for vehicles and passersby
  • Setup and transfer temporary structures
  • Report safety and equipment issues

Requirements for the General Labor role

  • Able to meet the physical demands of the job
  • Familiar with power tools and machinery
  • Good communication skills
  • Commitment to safety rules
  • Apprenticeship or specialization is a plus but not necessary
  • Must be quick to follow instructions without supervision

Join our excellent team if you’re a perfect fit for this role!

Handyman Service Worker

Part of their job is conducting essential maintenance on residential homes. They install and repair electrical fixtures as well. The Handyman Service Worker is a do-it-all person assisting residential homeowners. A Handyman Service Worker is in charge of a wide range of repairs, ensuring that they perform various tasks, including installing fixtures.

Key Responsibilities of a Handyman Service Worker

  • Repair electrical and plumbing fixtures in residential homes, including carpentry items
  • Install electrical, plumbing, and carpentry fixtures
  • Assist in cleaning and remodeling projects
  • Consult with homeowners in terms of ensuring that the space is cared for
  • Transport to different job sites
  • Use other hands and power tools during the project

Handyman Service Worker Requirements

  • Sufficient and similar work experience needed
  • Knowledge in plumbing, electrical, and carpentry fixtures repairs and installation
  • Can work with less supervision
  • Can meet heavy physical demands of the job
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination
  • Familiarity with power tools and machinery is a plus
  • Good communication skills
  • Commitment to safety rules
  • With a background in apprenticeship and specialization (an asset but not necessary)
  • Must have a High School Diploma or any equivalent

The Handyman Service Worker must be skilled in handling tools for successful repair and installation within a residential home. If you believe you’re a perfect candidate for the job, come with us, and experience what Handshakers Construction has in store.

As a company providing complete and excellent remodeling services, we welcome additional team members with whom we can partner. You might be the one we’re looking for the job! Join us today!

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