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For aged family members, trips to the bathroom can be extremely tricky. Due to their ailments and restrictions, navigating around the space can be risky. Fortunately, these issues can be reduced and solved with the right bathroom renovations.

They say life starts at 50. While this provides people comfort that their lives are still entirely theirs even at an older age, this doesn’t warrant that life remains comfortable beyond this age. Life becomes undeniably difficult to maneuver once people reach a certain age, a specific threshold wherein failing eyesight and poor muscle strength is the easiest among their life problems.

As people reach these years, things become challenging to manage without assistance. At this age, a simple trip to the bathroom becomes an increasingly dangerous adventure involving many corners and edges. Comfort rooms can’t necessarily provide a significant amount of comfort to older people. Instead, they become sources of danger.

Whether it’s the faucets, toilets, and especially showers and bathtubs, seniors may find them tricky or risky to navigate alone. Fortunately, recent developments are geared toward helping older people, and family members can alleviate their strain and pain with these simple adjustments.

Bathroom Remodeling

Most of these changes can be achieved without the need for renovations. Adding anti-slip mats, transfer benches, or shower seats can do most of these enhancements and improve protection. However, these non-construction additions only cover the tip of these issues. One way or another, some bathroom constructions and renovations may be necessary to address the significant problems.

Choosing the perfect renovation company can be intimidating. Family members would want a company that offers a plethora of services and, at the same time, empaths with these seniors’ problems. And when it comes to empathetic and effective bathroom renovations in Ontario, Canada, and nearby places, Phinesse Construction Group is the right option.

Despite the growing number of care homes for these people, Phinesse Construction Group believes seniors should be the most comfortable in their homes. They provide home modifications that specifically cater to the improvement of their lifestyles. They first assess what modifications are necessary for bathroom renovations and only offer these adjustments. Not only enhancing people’s spaces but also doing so with necessity and affordability.

Lever Faucets

Seniors might find it difficult to operate regular faucets since twisting and turning these bars can be highly challenging due to their weakening grip and declining strength. Lever faucets eliminate the need to twist and turn. Instead, users must tip the lever upwards or downwards for the faucet to function.

Aside from these hand-operated levers, there are other varieties to choose from, including a foot-operated one. Instead of moving the lever with their hands, which can still be difficult for some older people, all they need to do is step on the lever for the faucet to produce water.

Grab Bars and Rails

Another addition that’s easy to do but offers the most help and assistance is the installation of grab bars and rails. Showers can be challenging for the elderly. Whether standing for long periods or getting in and out of bathtubs, this routine can pose a danger.

Installing grab bars and rails gives assistance and relief to seniors and their caregivers. This can help support their weight whenever they need to stand up for an extended time or when they need to move around the area.

Adjustable Toilet Seats

Sometimes, lifting the toilet seat can immediately improve seniors’ bathroom experience. This eliminates the strain they feel whenever they squat an extra distance to reach the bowl. Typically, all they need is an additional three inches to the toilet’s height or an overall height of 16 to 17 inches for maximum comfort. Homeowners may overlay a thicker toilet seat over their toilet whenever the senior needs to go. This way, the toilet doesn’t only cater to the older person in the house but also the kids present.

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