No matter how beautiful the pitter-patter of the rain sounds, prolonged exposure to it can be damaging. For a person, it can cause sickness. And when it comes to your houses, the rain can create water build-up and weaken their foundation.

The rain can wear out your roof and cause issues such as leaking, or worse, holes on them. It can also destroy any landscaping on your property. It may sound like a lot, but without proper drainage, the rain can indeed cause all of this damage to your home. However, all of these can be prevented by a small fixture in your house: your gutters.

Like any other homeowner, you’d probably wonder why most houses, yours probably included, have them. After all, with their small size, they should only be able to handle a little amount of water, and they’re likewise prone to clogging. Gutters may seem less necessary and significant in your house than the other drainage systems with evident purposes.

Why are gutters important?

The principal function of gutters is to collect water from your roof and channel it to the ground. It acts as a funnel to gather and redirect water away from your house. This way, your roof won’t get flooded, preventing future roof and moisture issues. By diverting water away from your home, gutters also help keep your house’s foundation as dry as possible, further preventing water damage. In short, gutters may seem like a trivial fixture with their small measurements, but they help protect your house from serious water issues.

Are they always necessary?

The question of whether your home needs a gutter or not depends on different factors. There are instances when it is essential to have one installed, and some of these are:

Red Clay. If your house is surrounded by dirt rich in red clay, it’s in a susceptible spot to glutting. This type of clay can serve as a pipe continuing to deliver water toward the same area in your house, thus causing this spot to weaken and possibly rot.

Little to No Excess in Your Roof. If your roof only offers little space from your walls, water pours directly closer to your foundation. This creates various problems, such as decaying your foundation due to the rainwater getting absorbed by the ground near it. Without the gutters, you may also face frustrating cases of waterfalls from your roof.

The landscape around your house slopes upwards. This case allows the possibility of water pooling along your house’s foundation. The gutter can help channel water toward the downward slope instead and prevent flooding.

In other cases, installing a gutter is unnecessary and won’t provide any support for your home. In these instances, it’s better to do without it, especially since maintaining one can be costly.

Lack of Rain. Since their primary function is to redirect water away from your house, if your area doesn’t experience a lot of rainfall – especially heavy downpours – and snow, then installing a gutter isn’t necessary.

You’re surrounded by concrete. Having concrete around your house can serve as a protective barrier against water for your foundation. This concrete can be found on sidewalks, the patio, or the driveway near your home.

Your roof has a long overhang. In contrast, a gutter won’t be needed when your roof has enough space to allow water to flow at a safe distance from your house and its foundation.

If you remain unsure whether or not you should install a gutter, you can ask a professional to do the analysis for you. While it may seem like a trivial decision, it can cost you a lot, whether through monetary issues or problems with your foundation. 

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