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Gaining more traction for your website isn’t an easy feat. Many companies have delved into online marketing to increase their revenue but failed. Utilize web traffic digital technologies for a foolproof way of succeeding in this venture.

What use is an excellent website if nobody pays attention to it?

The primary reason why companies create websites is to gain traction and online presence, increasing customers and, if fortunate, sales. However, with thousands of companies delving into online marketing and opening their websites, there exists a cutthroat battle for those visits and clicks.

Heavy highway traffic is one issue nobody wants to experience. But this traffic volume converted to website visits would undeniably be every company’s dream. Creating a website is only the tip of the iceberg to achieving this. The real challenge lies in grabbing people’s attention, as 63% of professionals consider it a challenge.

Beyond maximizing your social media posting, email campaigning, and constantly creating engaging content, here’s how you can be apart from that 63%.

Be a Topic Expert

Imagine you’re in school and you’re confused about a particular subject. What do you do? Specifically, who do you approach for help? Logically, you would want to ask someone who knows a lot about the subject, a so-called expert. If there’s anyone who can explain a topic best, it would be an expert.

When it comes to online presence or marketing, Google favors websites that appear as topic experts on matters they offer services on or topics they write about.

One way to achieve this is by making a pillar page. This single page covers every detail and point, providing an in-depth discussion of the topic. This page should also contain cluster content or blogs supporting your pillar page to show that you have a thorough knowledge of the matter.

Once Google scans your content and the keywords you’re using, you’re easily a candidate to be a valid and reliable topic expert. Hence, when someone searches for something similar to your topic or services, Google will suggest your content above other companies with lesser content.

Work with Influencers

Your efforts don’t have to be online-focused when working on a better online presence. It isn’t always about working on technicalities and your SEO. Sometimes, it’s also about building connections and your reputation.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing models for your brand, but influencers also offer excellent testimonials that matter. It’s a fact that one way for people to trust a brand is by word of mouth. What better way to spread great reviews for your company than by working with influencers? They already have a solid following willing to trust most of the things that come from their mouths.

Additionally, working with influencers won’t be a one-time thing. As long as there are influencers, they will remain to be marketable. By asking them to post discount codes and links to your websites and products, they will always effectively drive traffic your way.

Engage with the Community

Why wait for people to chance upon your company when you can approach them personally?

Various platforms allow you to interact with strangers, a.k.a. possible customers. You can implement this strategy by commenting on their posts related to your brand, relying on their interactions, and joining public group discussions. In doing these, you’re not only making your brand seem more approachable and “hip.” You’re also increasing your brand recognition.

However, you have to remember that not every reply will be welcomed. People won’t like it when you consistently provide links, marketing questions, and posts. These might appear as “bot-like” behavior and cringe or cheesy.

Optimize for Voice Search

With the internet world continuously growing and developing new features, companies must optimize their content concerning these. And starting in 2022, voice search is becoming an essential factor for companies to rank.

An effective way to do this is by using web traffic digital technologies.

Look more into what matters most in your website and optimize those with voice search in mind. Companies should start researching for long tail keywords to optimize for voice search. You must remember that when people use voice search, they’ll use complete sentences rather than specific words. From the result you’ll gather, you need to focus on creating content for these and being concise in discussing these questions.

Need Help? Start a Conversation!

You can contact marketing companies for help if all of these look intimidating. To start, Orange Digital Technologies aims to help businesses fare through with other companies in the online world. They do so by helping you create a strong presence online through their various services.

If you’re looking for help with your marketing needs, Orange Digital Technologies is the one for you!

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