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To get your partner on board with paying off debt, start the conversation and look for a law firm to help you get out of debt.

If you and your partner have debt but need to be in the same boat about when and how to pay it off, it is time to have that talk. On Board with Paying Off Debt, Start The Conversation.

Working together to pay off debt is vital. Both parties must agree on budgeting and repayment goals, or it may not be easy to align finances and eventually reach your goals. Try these strategies to find the perfect way to work with your spouse to repay debt. 

At times, getting the conversation about debt started is tricky for couples who need to be financially on the same page. If you are a spouse who wants to begin reducing debt and get your partner on board, you will need to start the conversation. Doing so in such a way that does not immediately alienate the other person will be critical to your success.

Pick a “Why.” Budgeting for the sake of budgeting is hard to stick to for many folks. Try picking a “why” that you can return to when budgeting gets rough and tough. Your “why” should be a big, extensive reason that you want to stay out of debt and be monetarily solid, such as:

  • To provide your kids with generational wealth
  • To feel secure in the face of a financial emergency
  • To be able to retire comfortably 

Under the umbrella of your “why,” generate smaller but still critical tangible goals. Tangible goals are more focused motivations to aid you in sticking to your budget. They are real things you can do or purchase when your debt is paid off. Think of essential items to your partner that may provide persuasive reasons for them to focus on debt payoff with you. Also, help your partner imagine what you can do once your debt is paid off. Visualize weekends without overtime, taking family trips to create these goals, or saving for a home with a backyard. 

Have a Budget Date Night. Treating budgeting like a chore will make any person try to avert it. Instead, make a plan where you can collaboratively work on your budget as part of a date night. Try to find some time when it is just the two of you. Make a meal you both enjoy and plan a movie after the budget work is done. While working on your budget, note wins you have had over the past month or week that can help fuel your motivation to stay on track. Staying relaxed and cheerful and remembering that you are on the same page can help turn your budget date night into a dynamic but enjoyable evening.

Set Milestones. Successfully meeting a huge goal is breaking it down into smaller milestones. Your milestones could be paying a specific dollar amount to your debts or paid-off accounts over a set period. Celebrate your milestones to reward yourselves and stay motivated to continue. Also, creating a visual tracker and celebrating milestones may be enough for you as you work to pay off debt. Or you may want to save for particular experiences or items to reward yourself with at each milestone. This can be a great motivator as long as you stick to your budget after this small spending event.

Communication Paves the Way to Paying Off Debt

Paying off debt as a couple is a team effort. Working together to change your spending habits and create a budget that will help you avoid debt in the future takes solid communication.  In our struggling economy, you deserve relief when crushed by overwhelming debt. At the Law Offices of Ronald E. Stadtmueller, we fight for your right to start anew, freeing you from debt and irritating creditors. Further, do not continue to live under a cloud of unmanageable debt. Our team of experts can quickly get you out of debt in San Diego and give you a fresh start. Our goal is to help you achieve freedom from debt and regain financial stability. Let us evaluate your current financial situation and discuss the options available so you can restore control today. Contact the Law Offices of Ronald E. Stadtmueller to schedule your free consultation. Call us today or contact us online to schedule your FREE one-hour consultation at any of our offices at Rancho Bernardo, Mission Valley, San Marcos, or La Jolla. So, what are you waiting for? Get your partner on board with paying off debt today!

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