You are now moving into the house of your dreams. You signed the papers to have your name on them finally. Pack all the things in your room before bringing them to your dream home. You have lived in that house for a long time, and now you will be in a new venture in your life. As you head to that house, the thought of what you will do when you get there starts to sink in. You start to realize you don’t know what you will do as you head to that house. You have no idea what to do with that empty house and lot you just bought. All the things you have are all the things you owned in your previous room. 

That feeling you are feeling right now is normal. Buying a new house is like painting from an empty canvas. You have an empty house that needs decoration. Maybe you have this grand vision of the look of your future house. But sometimes, we can’t do that vision without knowing the basics when buying the needs for our new home. So let me assist you with some of the essentials you need to buy when moving into your new house. You can use this checklist to know what you need to buy!

  1. Living Room Essentials

Before thinking about other kinds of stuff, think about your living room. It may vary based on the house you bought. Some houses already have living room essentials like the sofa and the T.V., so here’s a small checklist for your living room essentials.

  • Furniture (Sofa, Coffee Table, Side Table)
  • Entertainment Units (T.V. sets and the likes)
  • Carpets or Rug (to place on the center or under the coffee table)
  • Lamps 
  • Plants
  • Living Room Decor of your Choice

These are part of the essentials you need in the living room of your new house. It would help if you remembered to pick good quality and aesthetically pleasing living room furniture. The living room will have a considerable impact on how your house looks.

2. Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen is one of the essential parts of the house. You need your kitchenware. They should be chic, new, or in style, of the right amount, and affordable. These are the qualities you want to buy for your kitchen. Simple that you need to buy includes:

  • Stovetops
  • Appliances you want to have (Toasters, Microwave, Oven, Fridge, etc.)
  • Utensils (Spoon, Forks, Knives, Ladles, etc.)
  • Storage Racks or Storage Boxes
  • Plates and Bowls
  • Cups and Mugs
  • Pans 

When buying your kitchenware, you can also buy materials to maintain the quality of your products. You can buy knife sharpeners just like the ones from Honor in Honer. You can also buy good-quality towels to wipe your dishes similar to the ones you can find on Amazon. Also, you need to buy essentials to make your kitchenware last long. 

3. Dining Needs

You should enjoy good food in a good room. The next part of the house is to have the essentials in your dining room. Since most of the objects used in the dining room are also essentials in the kitchen (like plates and cups), more of the things you need to buy for your dining area is decors. Number one on the list should be the table if it were not built-in furniture when you bought the house. Next is the decore you will be putting on the table. If you love to put mats or coasters on your table, you can also add these to your list.

4. Bedroom Basics

You now have an excellent place to eat. Next, make sure you have is an excellent place to sleep. I’m talking about the bedroom. Usually, you would have the things from your previous bedroom, making filling in your bedroom with things more accessible. The only essential you might need is the bed itself. If the house you are moving in doesn’t come with a bed, you need to buy one. If you already have a bed, make sure to buy new sheets; don’t content yourself with the sheet they have placed on the bed. It would be much better if the bed and its sheets were of your liking. We all love a good mattress and a comfortable sheet. 

5. The R.M.C.

Rugs, Mats, and Curtains; are essential to buying your new house. They give your house a relaxed vibe and help make it comfortable. The idea of what rag or mat to put where in your home is up to you. Just make you that these rags and mats match the room you are putting them in. Usually, some people don’t like putting curtains into some of their houses, so it’s also up to your perspective on which windows you want to put curtains and which not. 

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