It’s gift-giving again, and you still have that unconscious action to buy personalized printed mugs or laminated keychains for your loved ones. Those gifts are not bad, though; it’s just they are already not in trend. Those gifts have been a typical formula that people buy either if they don’t know who will receive the gift, they don’t remember the receiver, or they just ran out of time. In making gifts, it’s your personal decision to buy or make personalized gifts. There are pros and cons between the two. 

One pro of a personalized gift (meaning you make it) is that you can save, put effort into making it/buying it, and even give it a personal touch that can make the gift memorable. For me, I do love a personalized gift, and There’s something heartwarming knowing that someone took the time and made/bought a gift while thinking about you. The love and effort one puts in making or buying a personalized gift is something that money cannot buy. 

So we have finally established the fact that making a personalized gift feels like the right thing to do. Now the question that will occur is, what gift will we buy or make that isn’t typical, old-fashioned, or even bland? We want our gift to leave a stamp in the memory of the one receiving the gift. There are many and millions of ideas on the internet, but let me tell you that I have picked some of the best-personalized gift ideas for you. These are on-trend ideas that will make your gift a memorable one. 

  • Exploding Love Box 

No, don’t put a bomb in a box and give it to someone! The use of the word exploding is creative. An exploding box is a familiar concept done usually for creative project makers. Some use this technique to make school projects or reports. The concept of an exploding box is just like a typical gift box that you would give to someone. When you give the box to someone, once they remove the lid, the sides will fall, revealing the inside. The way the box will open can give your gift a grand entrance. You can also use the side parts of the box to stick pictures of you and the receiver of the gifts. The exploding gift box will add that impact and heartwarming factor to your gift. 

  • Moon Necklace

Do you like the moon tonight?; a common question that one can ask another and give butterflies. Recently looking at moon pictures the day you have been born has been a widespread trend in social media. This trend can inspire the personalized gift that you will be giving. Instead of getting people the typical necklace with their names or necklace with their pictures on it, you can get them a necklace with their birth moon on it. A moon necklace is not an ordinary necklace that we can usually see, but they are enchanting and unforgettable. 

  • Personalized-wares

Are you thinking of the mugs again? Don’t! There are many more utensils that you can buy and give a personalized look to them. It’s not an ordinary gift to have personalized kitchenware or utensils, but now they are gaining attention. I would also agree that the beauty of these personalized utensils is A-plus. The utensils or kitchenwares I’m talking about here are: spoons, forks, ladles, plates, or even knives. The idea of personalization doesn’t always mean that you will put their names on these utensils. You can put their nicknames, favorite quote, favorite words/expressions, or even a favorite icon as long as it is meaningful for them. 

If you plan to buy personalized utensils like knives, you must have tools to help maintain them. A knife sharpener like the ones in Honor in Honer is an excellent example. Storage places in Amazon are also peak qualities. A good personalized gift will always have that one feature that can touch someone’s heart.

  • Beaded-lets

Bead bracelets or necklaces are just unique! They look so cute but reflect the right amount of love and effort into a gift. Famous Korean singer Joshua Hong popularized the idea of hand-made bead bracelets more widespread. His fans began to love them. Beaded bracelets or necklaces have also been a familiar aesthetic of today’s fashion, so it’s a much-wanted and in-trend gift that you can make or buy at a very affordable price as well.

  • Scented Candles (Personalized) 

Most if not all of us have this crazy love for scented candles. We just love a good scented candle, especially if they give us a pleasant feeling of relaxation and peace. It may be to your surprise that personalized scented candles are now on the market, and you can either buy or make it by yourself. You can make these scented candles to fit the scent palette or the likes of the one who will be receiving your gift. So this is such an exciting and possibly relaxing gift to give. 

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