Christmas is right around the corner, and so is the winter season. And depending on your location, you might’ve already felt the temperature dropping. Now is a good time to start prepping your home for the coldest months ahead.

Although it comes as no surprise, many of us may not be ready for its arrival. If you are prepared for the hazards of winter, you and your family are more likely to stay safe and healthy even when temperatures stat to fall. But if not, check out this checklist and contact My Home Improvement Company today!

Owning and caring for a home is a big responsibility, but the right repairs and maintenance allow for comfortable living during the cold months. Make sure you keep your home, health, and sanity intact by taking preventive measures immediately. Smoothly navigate your home’s seasons upkeep with this winter home maintenance checklist.

Check Gutters and Drainage

As rain showers give way to snowstorms, it is common for most homeowners to overlook their gutters. After all, there no longer seems to be water to redirect; however, these systems are still crucial in preventing costly water damage. Gutters and drains can often get clogged up with leaves and debris. It’s essential to clean these out regularly to avoid blockages in the winter months.

It’s also good idea to check for any leaks or damage. If you’re unsure, hire professionals like My Home Improvement Company to inspect your property and repair any problems quickly and efficiently.

Kick Rodents and Other Pests to the Curb

It’s a common misconception that when the cold weather rolls in, rodents and pests packs their bags and leave until next year. But the truth is in the colder months, this crawling pests don’t go dormant. They will be seeking shelter from the cold, and unfortunately your warm home seems cozy to them, too. At that point, they invade your property which may require extensive treatment by the end of winter. Therefore, it’s important to take preventive measures now to keep them out before they cause more hazard than just cobwebs in the corner.

To help keep rodents and other pests from your home, seal cracks and holes on the outside of your home. Be sure to check the areas where utilities and pipes enter the home.

Inspect Vents and Chimneys

Many homeowners want a fireplace in their homes and one of the main reasons to have one is for winter to help heat their homes throughout the season. Fireplaces are designed to keep you warm; however, the cold temperatures can have a negative impact on your chimney. The ice, snow, and drastic changes in temperatures this season have the potential to cause damage or obstructs the chimney which poses as a hazardous scenario due to the risk of carbon monoxide. Added by the blocked vents, the most likely you’ll face this chemical mishaps. Hence, to stay safe and warm this winter, have your vents and chimneys inspected and cleared out by professionals.

Seal Leaks and Drafts

On cold winter days, there’s nothing more you want to do than hunker down and stay warm near the fireplace. Well, good luck doing that in a house full of drafts and leaks. This can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It doesn’t only make your space uncomfortable but also drive up energy bills and even create health risks. Drafts can reduce air quality inside your home, let water in, leading to pest infestation. So to avoid this domino effect, call a professional repair services to have your windows and doors checked, fixed, and sealed to have your home winter-ready.

Weatherproof Pipes

The last thing you want this winter are burst pipes that have frozen because you didn’t properly prepare them for the coldest days of the year. Freezing temperatures can lead to many srrious problems for your pipes, from frozen water lines to clogged kitchen drains. Many of the most common plumbing problems in winter can be avoided by simple maintenance and immediate troubleshooting procedures. For extra protection, you can have a handyman to inspect your pipes before the winter weather hits.

The cold weather can do a number on your home, and you don’t want to have to clean and repair after winter. Instead, use this basic winter home maintenance tips to prepare and protect your property from the cold weather.

We can’t recommend enough that you contact a professional from My Home Improvement Company—the best home repair service in Marietta, GA—to have it fixed in a jiffy. Hit up them up now and My Home Improvement Company will be there in a snap to fix your problems.

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