There’s no shortage of concrete contractors when you need someone for such job. But the very fact that they are readily available makes it a headache to employ one that is both credible and competent. This is especially difficult for those who have rarely dealt with cement contractors professionally, like you. And that is precisely why we came up with this post. 

Finding a reliable concrete contractor that’s a total package—completes the job promptly, provides quality work, and openly communicates with you—can be tricky. Hiring the right one for the job is more than just finding the first company on your Google search or the one with the lowest price offer. Whether you need a state-of-the-art driveway, walkway, or concrete patio in Sarasota, FL or neighboring states, you need to ensure this project is in good hands. By performing some legwork before you sign a contract with an unfamiliar team, you greatly increase your chances of finding the perfect partner. 

Here’s what you need to do or look for when hiring a concrete contractor:

Do Your Homework

Before you set out to the market on the look for a concrete contractor, it is wise to do thorough research. The digital rise today has made things easier. A simple internet search will give you a list of potential contractors in your vicinity, the type of services they offer, and their prices. With this, you’ll be able to smoothly identify the best potential contractor for your job. Visit their website, look for testimonies, and how long they have been in the business. It is essential to get to know your contractor’s past experiences and specificities. The older the business is, the more capable they are of the job. Experience counts more than anything. 

So without beating around the bush, instead of hiring some Joe Schmoe, you should definitely work with Guy Blank Concrete. This team is probably the most competent and reliable contractor that will tick off everything you need, complete with permits and insurances. 

Review Their Portfolio

If you want to know about previous works the contractor completed, ask for their portfolio or list of references to contact. Be sure to take a look at the portfolio since this is undoubtedly a powerful tool to help with the decision process. Not only will this help you visualize what you need, but it will also give you new ideas for your project. Additionally, contact those references to learn more about the contractor and their operation. Maybe ask the contractor for a quote for the project and compare the information you receive. Before you sign any contract, use this information to help you make your final decision. You should still be wary about choosing a contractor based on price alone. These low-ball contractors may cut corners and provide you with low-quality work. 

Look at Their Competency and Flexibility

Find a concrete contractor with experience in the field but, more importantly, has experience with the specific job you need completed. Whether you’re looking for decorative concrete, concrete pathways, or a driveway patio, be certain that the contractor has experience in these areas. A competent contractor that has experience will make sure to use quality concrete and find the right type of concrete for each job. Additionally, carefully assess their contingency plans. For instance, external factors such as unpredictable weather, rain, or other unforeseen challenges, how will they face it? You see, challenges can significantly affect the project deadline. In such case, it is crucial that you hire someone experienced enough to tackle issues that come their way. Not all contractors have a backup plan, but Guy Blank Concrete does, and they are known mainly for their competency and flexibility. 

Consider the Contractor’s Reputation

An essential question to ask yourself before you hire a concrete contractor is: how reputable is the team? One best way to judge a company’s reputation and credibility in the business is through customer testimonials—research what previous clients have to say about a concrete contractor. Now, if you are to scour their website, Guy Blank Concrete always received positive reviews, making them the perfect team to employ. It is recommended that you stay away from contractors with negative online reviews, as this could be a sign of failure to meet customer needs. Moreover, you can tell a lot about someone by the way they act and interact, so consider choosing a contractor that has a friendly yet professional demeanor, answers every question you have, and gets back to you in a timely fashion. This behavior can go a long way in proving their dedication and quality. 

All these and many more factors may seem inconsequential at first but can later become roadblocks for the successful and timely completion of your concrete project, be it small or big. And surely this post has finally convinced you to sign a contract with Guy Blank Concrete. They can assure the best possible service for clients. With over 35 years of experience delivering high-quality services, this team of professionals will ensure you receive durable concrete work. They serve clients in various industries, including commercial, retail, and home builders. 

Contact Guy Blank Concrete now: (941) 400-0111


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