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Specializing in pet urine stain and odor removal in Toronto, From Dark To Light is the perfect company for pet owners’ woes. With their professionals, the owners only have to worry about ensuring their pets get the rest and comfort they deserve.

No matter how much people treasure their pets, there are always some disadvantages to having them. Aside from a messier home, pet owners sometimes suffer from a reeking place.

People say keeping the house clean is tough with children around. But nothing compares with having pets in the place. If children make it tough, pets make cleaning the house almost impossible.

Scratching couches, breaking things, and peeing everywhere are just some mishaps both children and pets can do. But the difference between them is that children can understand as soon as they’re reprimanded. Once they get scolded about their actions, they will be cautious and avoid doing it again.

No matter how intelligent people think they are, pets, on the other hand, won’t always understand what they’re doing wrong. Even with their owners reprimanding them, they may repeat their actions.

The Worst for Pet Owners

Among the possible things pets can do to soil their owners’ houses, perhaps the worst they can offer are stains and foul smells. Compared to humans, it’s no secret that pets’ pee smells worse, and they stain harder. Additionally, no sane person would consciously pee anywhere.

Most of the time, pet owners find their pets’ urine utterly foul. Some even define the experience of smelling it as if their lungs and noses are burning. Their urines are an overall bad experience and may cause health issues like tracheal burns, cough, and airway damage, among the rest.

Nobody wants to experience this. To anyone seeking help, here are some ways to clean both stains and odors pets have brought.

Indoor-Outdoor Rugs

They are best placed in front of doors and act like a doormat. These rugs can catch any dirt pets might bring in. When it comes to pet pee, these are pet owners’ best friends in ensuring nothing gets soaked in. If any liquid falls on it, it can be effortlessly wiped clean.

If owners think these rugs won’t suit their homes’ aesthetics, various styles and color themes are available. It’s only up to the owners to choose the suitable rug for their home. This makes these indoor-outdoor rugs both aesthetically pleasing and perfectly functional.

If the pet owner’s home is carpeted all the way through, they can opt for carpet tiles—these work exactly like a carpet, only that they are assembled and styled like a tile. The carpet is made up of single squares that need to be connected.

Hence, if the pet causes an accident, the owner won’t have to worry about cleaning the spot. They can easily remove the affected squares and replace them with new ones. This makes the owners’ lives easy while still falling according to their preferences.

Shaving Cream

If the house isn’t floored with carpet tiles and the indoor-outdoor rug couldn’t catch the pet’s accident, then there’s nothing else to do but clean it. However, wiping the pee alone isn’t going to clean it entirely. Once it dries, its stain remains.

Pet owners can try rubbing the spot repeatedly or use every pet stain product. But more often than not, nothing will work better than the gel-type shaving cream. This works perfectly in removing the toughest stains like cat pee and dog vomit – possibly regulars in the house.

The most effective way to use cream is by letting it sit and foam on the stained area for a minute or more. Afterward, pet owners have to wipe the foam with warm water. If there is still a subtle stain, they only need to repeat this step until everything is removed.

White Vinegar

Now that no more visible traces of the accident are left, it doesn’t mean the job is done. While these physical traces can be quickly removed, the real issue lies in their troublesome smell. Pet owners don’t need to go far and wide to solve this problem. The solution doesn’t even need to be expensive. They can rely on the home remedy, white vinegar.

Like what’s done with the foam, they need to soak the affected area with vinegar. And let it sit for a few minutes to dry. Then the magic happens. Once the vinegar completely dries up, it removes the lingering smell.


While the more expensive option, contacting a professional for help will never fail pet owners. Sometimes, no matter how hard cleaning is done, the situation stays hopeless.

But this hope lost will be handed by professionals specializing in this problem. Companies like From Dark To Light specializing in pet urine stain and odor removal in Toronto, may offer the best help. Their professionals never fall flat in ensuring that the pee stain and odor leave with them once the job is done. And all the pet owners need to do is wait comfortably for their work to finish.

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