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Garage spaces may account for at least 50% of the house’s visual impact and can increase its value up to 15%. And these are only two of the common reasons why homeowners even decide to get one. Fortunately, for best-built garages in Calgary and nearby areas, Wahand Roofing and Construction offer their services.

Garages date as early as the 1920s and are something persisting, with their primary purpose carrying on until today. Such space usage originated when cars’ popularity took off, and people had to devise an excellent way of safekeeping them from the adverse effects of weather or others’ ill intentions. Garages then were merely sheds made from wooden walls and a simple roof over them, materials that weren’t the most durable.

Until today, the fad of garages still exists and is continuously and rapidly gaining traction. However, with all the progress technology and society have achieved, garages’ features, such as their installation and doors, have likewise come a long way since. But what else makes these spaces so popular beyond safekeeping cars, which cost fortunes?

The Popularity of Garages

Having a bigger space is undeniably more beneficial when it comes to house layouts. More space allows for more storage opportunities, which leads to less clutters and an increased home value – both practical to homeowners. However, more space may also lead to less mobility, making the house feel more cluttered. This ordeal can be considered an either-or situation, depending on what the homeowners want to prioritize for their property.

Regarding how and where they should add the space, homeowners weigh their pros and cons. This ensures the addition is undoubtedly an improvement and not a detriment. They can opt for a larger patio area or an extra room. But despite more options, homeowners typically choose to have garages built before any other storage areas.

For individuals who own cars but not garages and are too comfortable parking these outside their houses for hours, investing in one is an intelligent choice. Garages provide a range of benefits beyond serving as a permanent house for cars. They also offer accessibility, curb appeal, and the protection and safekeeping of one’s belongings.

Convinced? Wahand Roofing and Construction offers the best built garage in Calgary and nearby areas. With their team of experts, a high-quality garage can be within everyone’s reach.

Still need persuasion? Read on.

Car Protection

Besides one’s house, vehicles are one of people’s most significant financial investments. And having something to protect these, whether insurance or a simple home garage, is already an excellent advantage. But what are homeowners protecting their cars from?

For such a huge investment, homeowners are only entitled to ensure they avoid having their cars stolen or deliberately damaged by another. Car theft and vandalism are the most common crimes committed regardless of area. It’s only crucial to keeping these investments protected.

Two, between snow during the cooler months or the UV rays in summer, extreme weather conditions can harm one’s vehicle. Keeping them out in the open for hours and days increases their chances of technical damage due to these conditions. However, by keeping these vehicles in garages, homeowners shield them, extending their life and maintaining their value.

Convenience and Accessibility

Parking vehicles in front of houses isn’t only an inconvenience to the homeowners. It may also lead to the inconvenience of others, with the decrease in the driveway and available space that should’ve been meant for leisure walking or access to the area. Most areas might have their own parking space allotted for homeowners. But even then, these spaces may quickly run out. In this situation, the homeowners are left alone to drive around and look for available parking spaces.

Other than having the luxury of a dedicated space and not having to search for parking available personally, there’s also the benefit of having the vehicle within steps from the door. This means groceries don’t need to be tugged and be a burden. Instead of carrying them from the driveway and taking a couple of steps before experiencing relief from the bags, homeowners will only need to cross doors to deliver their grocery bags.


A garage may have been built with the primary purpose of sheltering vehicles, but they aren’t only limited to it. If by any circumstances, homeowners end up with a garage but not a car, they can always convert the space any way they want. Garage spaces are highly flexible, whether extra entertainment quarters or an office. These are typically built as simple square spaces, offering homeowners the freedom to do anything they want with it. Regardless of how they mold these spaces, the house value will undeniably increase by up to 15%. This is how valuable extra space, whether as a garage or an extra living room, is.

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