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Because of the pandemic, home remodeling increased—and it’s not looking to stop anytime soon. One way homeowners want to enhance their homes’ aesthetic appeal and boost property values is through trim and molding.

But what are they, you ask?

When trying to spruce up the home, remodel, or add character to drab walls and flat ceilings, molding and trim are effective solutions. Both cover surfaces, fill glaring gaps or create the illusion of seamlessness, especially between clashing materials or textures.

For laypeople, trim and molding are the same and interchangeable. While there is a kernel of truth, it would be like saying that squares and rectangles are identical. 

So, what is the actual difference between trim and molding?

The term for the decorative material or millwork used around windows, doors, corners, and intersections is “trim.” On the other hand, molding is a type of trim characterized by its elaborate detail and aesthetic value. 

Trim and molding are typically categorized according to where they are installed: openings, the ceiling, the floor, or the wall. 

What types of trim and molding are there?

Window and Door Casing

A common type of trim is the “casing.” It is used on openings, commonly around doors and windows. A casing provides a frame around an opening, covering gaps between the wall and the window or door during the latter’s installation. 

For door installations, the casing is placed at the top and side where the hinges are located. The casing can be placed on all four sides for window installations, but it highly depends on the type of window installed.

Wall Base Molding

Wall base molding is sometimes called a baseboard trim and is usually placed at the walls’ bottom or base. Baseboard trims accentuate dull walls while camouflaging discolorations or defects that may have occurred during construction. Depending on the condition of the flooring, a baseboard trim might be attached to outside corners or shaped in inside corners. If there is carpeting, the baseboard trim will be placed at a certain height to accommodate the carpet. If a hardwood floor is attached, the baseboard trim follows after the former has been appropriately installed.

Crown Molding

A crown molding, sometimes called a ceiling trim, is positioned at the highest part of the walls, near the ceiling, to create a pleasing visual margin between wall and ceiling. Because it primarily functions as an aesthetic modifier, a ceiling trim can be distinctly elaborate for added class and character. A ceiling trim’s design can range from simple to majestic, further amplified when color is considered.

For maximum appeal, it is best to consider the level of complexity with the absolute height of the ceiling. Ergo, ornateness should increase when the ceiling height is high and decrease when the ceiling height is low.

Wall Trim

A wall trim serves mainly as an aesthetic modifier to otherwise drab walls.

However, a chair rail is more Spartan as it prevents damage, e.g., denting, grazing, etc., from furniture impact, particularly chairs. A chair rail can become more visually attractive when wainscoting is applied, where paneling is placed beneath a chair rail to provide another design element. Wainscoting also has the added benefit of creatively disrupting a solid wall block and generating a visible parallel to a baseboard trim.

Another type of wall trim is a picture rail, which offers a practical edge from which to hang pictures or paintings.

What are common materials for trim and molding?

Traditionally, wood is used and is still the most popular, bare, or primed option. Bare wood is known for its natural look, while primed wood is best for trim and molding that requires painting. Composite wood is also preferable due to its interior or exterior applicability.

While wood is still a common choice, polystyrene and polyurethane are cheap alternatives.

Where to find the best interior improvement services in Hawaii?

One Handy Haole’s trim and molding service in Makawao is a surefire way of obtaining the best results for visually enhancing your space. One Handy Haole from Hawaii provides a wide range of remodeling services, including fixture installations and repairs to bathroom remodeling. 

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