ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing Company is NOT a scam because they possess these certain qualities.

The publishing industry has dramatically evolved these past decades. The emergence of vanity press or what we now refer to as self-publishing has significantly changed the publishing industry. It has allowed more books to be published and broke several limitations that prevented writers and novelists from sharing their masterpieces. Self-publishing tore down the elitist wall that traditional publishing houses built. It also allowed more competition among publishers and more platforms for writers. However, with these developments also emerge schemes and arrangements that are detrimental to struggling and unsuspecting authors. Many self-publishing companies are accused of milking aspiring authors or scheming to get money from authors who seek publishing and book marketing assistance.

Personalized Service

One remarkable trait of a legitimate publishing company is the quality of service and the level of attention it provides to its clients. Personalized service is a trait seldom present in companies that scheme off money from its authors. Personalize service, not forcing authors to avail service that will not benefit their goals. It also means understanding each author’s specific needs and weaknesses and remedying those issues. They also accommodate to author’s specific requests, answer their questions and work to gain the trust and confidence of their clients. Readersmagnet’s publishing and book marketing services line is designed for aspiring and self-publishing authors and is considerate of their needs and resources.

Maximum Presence

The legit publishing company does not hide in the shadows. It has a face, an office, contact numbers and emails, and employees who engage with their clients daily. Aside from their visible online presence ( official website, social media platforms, etc.), legitimate self-publishing companies are active in communities and participate in traditional activities such as book exhibitions and book fairs. They consider these public engagements as a venue to promote their author clients and to further establish their reputation as a reliable publishing partner. ReadersMagnet has participated in prestigious book events, including the Miami Book Fair, Tucson Festival of Books, and The L.A. Times Festival of Books.

Goes the Extra Mile

A self-publishing company’s commitment to its authors reveals a lot about its legitimacy. An honest self-publishing company goes out of its way to ensure the success of its clients. They don’t do things solely for profit but consciously build their reputation by giving it their all. They ensure that only top-of-the-line services are delivered, and they perform their responsibilities joyfully to the delight of their clients. They don’t settle for perfunctory service and mediocrity but instead treat their clients as a family whose interests and welfare should be protected at all times. ReadersMagnet is a company made up of dedicated publishing and book marketing consultants and staff always ready to work on whatever concerns by its authors.

No Empty Promises

Legitimate self-publishing companies always deliver the service they promise. They ensure customer satisfaction and do not thrive on empty promises. They are true to their word, and their actions are sincere. It is common practice in many companies that promise positive outcomes to their clients or sugarcoat certain challenges. While we want to assure our clients and give them peace of mind, we don’t want them to expect something that will not be provided or impossible to achieve. Service is grounded in integrity and objectivity.

Several red flags will tell you a self-publishing company is not worth dealing with. You may notice some of these signs as you interact with their staff or representatives. Some are obvious ( unrealistic Google Ranking guarantees, Fake Portfolios, Asking payment to Buy Social Media followers, etc.) while some signs you will discover later as you progress (directory listing promises, claiming site is broken, predatory realities, and restrictive copyrights). The key is to always be direct and concise with your expectations and document every transaction or discussion.

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