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Companies must maximize social media features for effective online marketing. However, knowing what works is a challenging process. Fortunately, social media marketing solutions have outlined possible trends companies can utilize in 2023.

The year is about to end. This means the world is about to undergo a universal refresh, where people throw out what doesn’t serve them and welcome new possibilities. Such a process includes more than just people’s habits and lifestyles. It’s also inclusive of available systems like online marketing.

Social media usage and its influence on people’s lives have constantly and steadily grown over the years. With billions of active users, almost half of the world’s population is engaging in the internet, utilizing its various platforms. It’s no wonder social media has become a significant contributor to digital marketing.

This number may be associated with their platforms’ effectiveness for its experts and managing companies. But for companies utilizing social media to market their brands, this means more users to target for a more significant market share. Indeed, social media provides companies with various benefits and advantages. However, this edge also brings more competition as every other company will utilize and maximize this means for advertising.

Social Media, Effective but Demanding

While social media is established as a worthy means of advertising, its mechanism can be taxing to comprehend. The online world is ever-changing. It constantly evolves depending on what consumers need and demand. Companies must also continuously adjust and adapt to these changes to stay relevant and effective.

What sells now may not be viable for the next month. This is especially true regarding trends people experience throughout the year. What’s “in” and entertaining now won’t be effective next year.

Hence, for companies who believe these trends can cause problems for their marketing and branding operations, social media marketing solutions have pointed out the following trends they see rising in the next year. Companies may utilize these trends to ensure they stay on top of the competition.

Authenticity, Be(ing)Real

One of the currently rising platforms receiving the most attention is BeReal. As the name conveys, it encourages users to be authentic. It may have been a trend to overly edit photos and make them more presentable, but social media now highlights genuineness more than anything.

Companies can utilize similar platforms to post updates and “filter-free” content, making them seem more approachable than these reputable and intimidating corporations. They can connect more to the audience by making their brands more humane and posting funny episodes that take place behind the scenes. Maximizing creating content on these platforms doesn’t only attract more attention, but it can also help build a healthy brand for the companies.

The Environment, a Priority

While it’s not necessarily directly related to any social media platform and usage, there’s been an observed increase in consumers’ attention and awareness about companies’ effects on the environment. This “trend” for consumers has been a long time coming, and it’s also about time companies take a step toward creating a difference.

Companies can share their stance and plans for helping the environment through social media postings to let like-minded audiences know they share the same principles. However, it’s dubious if they’re only utilizing this to profit. Hence, they must also prove they’re doing something in reality.

Microinfluencers’ Non-Micro Influence

More companies are partnering up with influencers to advertise their brand and product as more consumers shop from the comfort of their homes. People finding a brand to support has become less about trying the product and more about trusting what other consumers say about it. This honest review is what makes influencer marketing effective.

However, as more companies connect with more influencers, this has also affected their costs. Influencers are now becoming increasingly more expensive. This is why it may be better to communicate with smaller influencers instead. While they only have a lesser reach and audience than bigger once, their word-of-mouth is as valuable – not to mention cheap.

Better Marketing with Paid Advertising

Most social media platforms’ algorithms have changed throughout the years. Instead of advertisements from companies, they prioritize showing friends’ and families’ posts. This is why there’s a surge in companies paying for their slots in ads. For their product placements and promotions to be seen, they now must pay the price.

Paid advertisements may sound like an unconventional means of promoting products. Depending on where companies spend their money and how targeted their product placement is, this can work in their favor. Many companies utilize this. It’s only time for other companies to jump into this trend.

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