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Trends come and go. With 2023 fast approaching, interior design is among the most affected by trends. Fortunately, One Handy Haole, a home remodeling contractor in Makawao, can help homeowners achieve dream designs.

There are only a few days before a new year comes rushing in. As soon as the clock strikes 12 on January 1st, people welcome the new and replace the old.

A new year doesn’t only symbolize a new calendar year. It also stands for a refresh, where people can start anew. Traditionally, whenever a new year comes in, people discard behaviors, objects, and even people that no longer serve them to make way for new ones that bring more purpose to their lives. A new year means the perfect time for old habits to replace new, more fulfilling ones.

What the New Year Brings for Designs

The same system also applies to trends. Whether it be about fashion or interior design, they have curbs to when they’re in style and when their influence dies down. Between the two, fashion isn’t something most people are in tune with. But on the other hand, interior design is an integral part of communities. While some classic designs can last years, design trends may typically only last for a year.

This means 2022 designs may already be considered history once 2023 arrives. And while it can be quite early to foretell what will be in during the year, here are possible 2023 house remodeling trends homeowners can consider for their yearly household upgrades.

Before Considering a Trendy Interior…

Before considering a new addition or replacement to their current designs, homeowners must look for an excellent contractor that can work with their needs. After all, a plan only stays as a plan without a company willing to make it to fruition.

For any remodeling needs, One Handy Haole is the efficient and convenient option. One Handy Haole is a home remodeling contractor in Makawao, Hawaii.

Understanding that every remodeling project should prioritize the homeowner’s living quality, the company ensures to formulate a design that maximizes and balances aesthetics and function. With years of experience, the company is knowledgeable about the changes in trends and structure of designs. Hence, whether homeowners consider traditional, modern, or unique designs, One Handy Haole can make any concept come to life.

Nature Is Here to Stay

When people remodel their homes, they weigh their wellness and aesthetic needs. Designing for aesthetics means coordinating a color scheme that looks pleasing and cohesive throughout the house. On the other hand, designing for wellness means creating spaces that can help homeowners relax and are great for mental health.

A common way homeowners have incorporated this need is by adding a touch of nature to their homes. House plants have been a thing since time immemorial. But such a trend has only significantly bloomed last 2022. Nature has become a massive part of interior design, from pots of plants beautifying living rooms to bathrooms and shower areas taking after concepts of natural spas. Nature has become one of the most sustainable interior design concepts. After all, nature is a substantial part of society, and it’s something that doesn’t just wane out.

Art Deco Comes Back

Some trends die out, while others face the possibility of coming back to the spotlight repeatedly. One design concept that homeowners may see coming back is the decorative and roaring 20s. Instead of maximizing minimalism and keeping interiors monotonous, designers have predicted that 2023 may receive open homeowners to consider fun and explosive designs like art deco over simple ones.

Art deco brings interiors back to a popular period in America and Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. The most common motifs of this art style involve bold, symmetrical patterns and themes of art that symbolize the technological progress during that time. Linear, geometrical and angular designs dominate the art deco theme, which means most households may be filled with these bold, no-romance motifs in the coming year.

Dark and Textured Countertops Add Sophistication

Dark and textured countertops can be a great addition to counter and balance the dramatic and bold art deco concept. A dark, textured countertop’s refined and graceful look can contradict the boldness and symmetrical patterns in art deco. This combination creates a beautiful balance of simplicity and edginess. However, this design isn’t only limited and recommended to homeowners considering the art deco. Regardless of what they choose as their primary design, dark and textured countertops are the perfect and flexible design options for their kitchens.

Home Is Where Work Is

Due to the pandemic, working at home is slowly becoming mainstream. Most people with this setting utilize their bedrooms as their makeshift offices. While this offers maximum comfort, this also blurs the line between work and home. Hence, more people are attempting to maximize spaces in their homes for their office set-ups. Even though there is no assurance working from home will persist after the pandemic’s threat will completely die down, it’s reasonably foreseeable that this can’t be achieved in 2023.

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