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Graphology services are essential because they help identify what kind of person an applicant is, especially during the screening or hiring process.

Paula A. Sassi, a CMG (Certified Master Graphologist), have given her clients excellent results for her services since 1980. Her graphology services are top-notch and cover a wide variety of niches. Be it for behavioral profiling, compatibility analyses, and personnel selection, Paula has you covered.

Today, we’ll discuss graphology, when to hire a handwriting expert, its uses, and lastly, what it cannot analyze. From employment to a person’s religion, we’ll be diving into the waters of graphology services!

Defining Graphology and Its Meaning

Your handwriting is used in graphology to study your personality. Your personality traits, issues, reasons, and how to change yourself are all revealed by a qualified graphologist. They’ll be the ones examining the patterns and strokes in your writing.

Your handwriting samples can provide insight into your personality, including your weaknesses, strengths, and more. Your personality profile analysis is similar to a mental snapshot of the ideas that first crossed your head when writing things down.

The wonder of graphology is that, in assessing personality and character, it doesn’t matter how regularly or seldom you write. It doesn’t judge how unattractive or practiced your handwriting is. The goal is to always reveal who you are to the professional graphologist.

When to Hire a Graphoanalysis Expert

If your company requires better screening tools for the hiring process, handwriting professionals can help with your dilemma. Moreover, clients can hire graphologists when there is a suspected forgery of sensitive documents, alleged alterations to prenuptial agreements, or simply verifying contracts.

Applicants will find it difficult to lie as well. Sure, the applicant’s replies, exterior looks, and interview questions can be manipulatable by candidates, but their handwriting is not. It is time-efficient to examine applicant samples of handwriting for personality analysis.

Figuring Out the Use of Handwriting Analysis

With time, graphology has become a viable and legitimate practice for analyzing handwriting. Nowadays, it’s widely utilized in numerous business sectors to examine behavior, personality, and thinking patterns. Below are some essential uses for graphology services:

1. Personality Profiling – The human race is diverse. Understanding your thoughts, the reasons behind your behavior, and the effects of your actions on society are all made possible via handwriting analysis. Knowing oneself is crucial for general personality development, improving productivity, and understanding others.

2. Employment – Graphology can determine whether the new applicant will fit in with the company’s culture or the position for which he is applying for. First, the recruiting manager receives a thorough, objective graphological personality analysis. Additional recruiting parameters are also there, which further aids companies in choosing the most suitable applicant.

3. Historical Profiling – Learning about deceased persons’ personality qualities and family history is beneficial.

4. Corporate Training – A professional graphologist assists businesses in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their personnel. They also make personalized therapy recommendations for each employee to solve personality-related issues.

5. Marital Compatibility – Understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of your partner’s differences are the cornerstones of a successful marriage. The differences and similarities between the partners’ handwriting are analyzed by graphologists, who then recommend the best course of treatment. When there is an arranged marriage, this method is quite helpful.

How Can Professionals Utilize Graphology for Career Guidance?

Here following are some factors a graphologist takes into account when determining which career is appropriate for you:

• The Letters Y and G Can Tell a Lot – How a person writes the letters Y and G tells a lot about them. A person is said to avoid repeating the same mistakes if they write these letters ideally.

It’s also said that they must have high levels of good faith if the letters Y and G are presented in lowercase and end in a flawlessly straight, large loop.

• The Letter K Tells a Tale as Well – When the letter K towers over the other letters in lowercase text, it is referred to as a “Defiant K.” This implies that the individual doesn’t listen to others, has a quick temper, and occasionally shows little regard for other people’s feelings.

It also matters how big your handwriting is. People with small handwriting enjoy working on small, minute tasks like accounting, research, etc., and can succeed in this line of work as a career.

You are undoubtedly the person who likes taking on massive projects and aspires to be a leader in whatever job path you choose if your handwriting is big and bold.

So choose a career that fits your personality and reap the rewards.

Companies should be aware of the benefits that graphology can offer them. Like SEO tools found online for web traffic, It is an indispensable and irreplaceable tool for analyzing personalities that businesses can use to their advantage.

If you need reliable graphology services, visit Paula A. Sassi’s website by clicking here, and hire her masterful skills!

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