There are problems that you can solve on your own, but there are issues that are beyond your control and require expertise from professionals. And when it comes to legal matters, your go-to expert is your attorney – the best person who can help you get the resolution you need.  

Were you recently hit by a car, and the vehicle owner refused to pay for your medical expenses or compensation? Are you going through a divorce and don’t know anything about a divorce proceeding? Or, do you find yourself amid serious financial troubles, with bill creditors hounding your every step, and you’re out of options as to what to do next? Then your next best move is to seek legal consultation and services. 

Legal Shield provides legal services and consultation in Oregon, the United States, and Canada. The law firm offers one-of-a-kind mobilized and legal planning services that are efficient and affordable. With over 4.5 million individuals and 140,000 business clients across North America, Legal Shield not only gives the legal solution their clients are looking for but also empowers their clients with the proper knowledge to help them become better decision-makers and achieve the best resolutions. 

Significance of Legal Consultation and Services

Believe it or not, legal proceedings can be very complicated. Although there are instances where an individual can represent themselves in courts, such as for small claims or a speeding ticket, things can get messy and twisted up if the person makes one wrong move that can impact the outcome of a case. 

You might think you’re saving money, but you’d end up spending more compared to availing of the services of a proficient lawyer. Lawyers are subject matter experts in the legal field. They know their court etiquette and all the complexities of legal proceedings. And if you don’t have legal representation, chances are, the opposing party most likely has already hired a lawyer. So, better avail legal services as well for yourself!

Attorneys and their services vary according to the legal field in which they specialize. Some of the legal services available are the following:

  • Mediation or arbitration 
  • Consultation for legal advice and information 
  • Review documents such as wills, leases, corporate records, court documents, contracts, memorandums, etc. 
  • Client representation in negotiations
  • Client representation in court, administrative, and legislative hearings 

Don’t Do It Alone

Here are some specific instances where a legal representation comes in handy. 

Identity Theft

As of 2020, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) handled over 2.2 million reported fraud cases, and 33% of Americans have experienced identity theft. Legal firms, such as Legal Shield, help provide clients with the insurance they need against identity theft. If finances get stolen because of fraud, a good lawyer can help get your money reimbursed and even help repair your credit score if affected by the crime.  

Civil Disputes

Need help with resolving an issue concerning a contract misunderstanding or disagreement? Then contact a lawyer. A lawyer can help review the contract and all related documents, provide their expert legal opinion, and effectively smooth out the issue and provide the best legal option. 

Real Estate Transactions

For any large financial transactions, especially those involving real estate properties such as buying or selling, it’s always best to have an attorney with your best interest at heart. A lawyer can help close any real estate transaction, ensuring that their client receives what is properly due and is not deceived. 

This could also include any situation involving landlord or tenant disputes. There could be problems arising over rent payment, return of security deposits, property damage, repair and maintenance of property and facilities, eviction case, etc. 


Divorce is probably one of the most emotional and financially draining instances a person could get into – not to mention a very complex and tedious situation. A qualified lawyer can help make the process easy and smooth for their clients. The lawyer would help explain the grounds and objective of the divorce, account for marital assets, determine spousal and child support, devise custody plans, negotiate a settlement, etc. They can even create a debt repayment plan as necessary. 

Personal Injury Cases

Expert lawyers in personal injuries can effectively investigate the accident and help build up the case to obtain the remedy their clients deserve. They can also step in and negotiate with the insurance company of their clients. And if the negotiation fails with the insurance company, the lawyer can take the necessary steps to bring the case to court, ready to fight for their client’s behalf. 

You Deserve to be Protected 

Not many people realize this until it’s too late or their situation becomes dire. Availing of the services of a lawyer could have saved them a lot of time, money, and stress earlier on. Everyone deserves to be free from stress. Everyone deserves a fair legal remedy. Best of all, everyone deserves to be protected. This is why availing of legal consultation and service is your next best move. 

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