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Big World Cleaning Company is the perfect option for your bathroom cleaning needs as a company specializing in bathroom renovations and cleaning in Manhattan.

If you drop the soap on the floor, does it become dirty, or does it clean the floor? This is one of those questions people throw around when they’re drunk or if they’re looking for some way to laugh and unnecessarily overthink.

Using similar logic, here’s a question (but with a rather obvious answer). If the bathroom cleans people, does it need to be manually cleaned?

Think about it. Unlike other rooms, bathrooms aren’t susceptive to dust. Hence, it’s an unnecessary room to sweep in. Most don’t have windows or appliances to be dusted or carpets to be vacuumed. Compared to the other rooms in the house, the bathroom seems like the least one needing cleaning.

But is it?

Bathrooms keep people clean. Hence, it’s only fair to keep it clean.

As the first room people run to when they’re dirty or have things that need cleaning, bathrooms quickly accumulate dirt. It becomes the mixing ground for water, steam, and grime, making it a breeding ground for bacteria. This is why it’s a must to keep the space clean.

Deep Cleaning a Bathroom

The bathroom is the room almost anyone dreads to clean. Not only because it needs frequent polishing but also because of what happens in it.

Remove the Clutter

The best way to deep clean is by starting from the very beginning – that is, by cleaning up the most evident mess. Remove from the bathroom what does not belong in the bathroom. This includes throwing used and emptied toiletries, removing and cleaning rags and mats, and changing curtains and towels whenever necessary.

But how often is it necessary?

When it comes to changing towels, it’s recommended to be done every other day. Bacteria can thrive on wet and dirty surfaces. Hence, bathroom towels collect these bacteria whenever they’re used (hopefully, for hygiene’s sake, frequently).

On the other hand, shower curtains don’t need to be changed frequently. They only require weekly disinfection to avoid bacteria and mildew. Ignoring these processes may result in skin irritations and even eye and throat issues.

Wipe Down Surfaces

There’s an unspoken rule in bathroom cleaning. “If people touch it, step on it, or sit on It, then they’re going to sanitize it.” It might seem overdramatic to do. But if one thinks of it thoroughly, it’s reasonable.

People don’t only need to keep unwanted things off the bathroom’s surfaces. They must also clean and care for these surfaces. This includes scrubbing down surfaces and polishing every space and crevice of the area. To disinfect, people can use distilled white vinegar on sinks, faucets, door knobs, and even the windows – for better cleaning.

Now, the question is, should people wait until these items are visibly dirty before they clean them?

Despite looking clean, these spaces can be filthy on a closer look. These surfaces accumulate dirt and bacteria from everything that touches them. Thus, it’s important to wipe and disinfect every day.

Clean the Toilet

Now comes the most dreaded part of cleaning the bathroom. Nobody wants a yellowish or a toilet with trails. Hence, people must stay on top of cleaning it regularly.

It doesn’t pay off if people only clean the seats and handles. Even if it’s, in honest terms, an icky job, the innermost part of the toilet must also be cleaned. To do this, people should start by applying a generous amount of toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit for a couple of minutes before scrubbing the surface.

A Bathroom Clean-Up

Cleaning the bathroom regularly, without waiting for evident dirt build-up, will always be the best practice in deep cleaning the bathroom. This ensures the area stays clean without going through a rigorous task. Why wait to clean a more significant problem when a smaller one is easier?

However, it can be tough to clean up the bathroom religiously. There can even be circumstances where effort is futile despite following the steps above.

In these cases, rather than fretting and frustratingly scrubbing the dirt away, it would be one’s best option to call for help. Not just any use, but people should call for professional help. These professionals will be an excellent right hand in ensuring that everyone gets the spotless bathroom they deserve.

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When it comes to bathroom cleaning, Big World Cleaning Company is the perfect option. As a company specializing in bathroom renovations and cleaning in Manhattan, they ensure every household will have squeaky-clean bathrooms. Whatever their client requests or demands, Big World Cleaning Company provides to meet them.

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