As of this year, there is already an estimated 3 billion active social media users in the world. And with the current trends, this number is constantly growing.

With the world now commonly communicating through technology and the internet, it’s not surprising for companies of all sizes to maximize these as the medium for their marketing needs. Social media marketing has become a powerful medium for businesses to reach more audiences in shorter periods easily.

Besides being accessible to a considerable percentage of the population, social media marketing is also an excellent means of targeted advertising. This allows brands to focus on specific demographics to receive their advertisement, leading to a higher percentage of returns. Likewise, social media marketing is an excellent way for these companies to build their audience. They can keep track of these data and use them in the future.

Building the Accurate Strategy

It’s predicted that there will be massive growth in the consumer class in the coming years. With this continuous increase in consumerism, there will be a growing threat to the competition. Follow these social media marketing solutions to fare against the rest. If poorly planned and executed, brands can easily drown against the massive flow of rivalry. Hence, other than being on top of the trends, it’s still crucial that companies can come up with the appropriate strategy for their brand.

Set Attainable Goals. This can be achieved by answering the question: “Why are you using social media?” and “What do you want to achieve from it?” Make sure that your answers to these are realistic and clear. You can create your goals after the SMART tool (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) to ensure effectiveness.

Research Your Target Audience. You can’t create an accurate and appropriate strategy without knowing who you’ll use it for. Understand your current and possible target audience. You can also know which platforms to utilize in researching your target audience.

Create Engaging Content. The success or failure of your media marketing heavily depends on your content. If you produce something that isn’t aligned with your target audience’s likes, it will fail. However, since you’ve already researched the audience and have clear goals, creating content shouldn’t be too difficult.

In terms of content creation, here’s what you can anticipate and experiment with in the coming years.

Tiktok is a Growing Platform

Over the years, Tiktok has garnered massive users with hundreds of trends and millions of views accumulated almost every day. Multiple brands and companies have maximized this fad with its success, producing creative and amusing content that can catch people’s interest. In the coming years, Tiktok’s popularity isn’t stopping any time soon. So, if you haven’t, it’s about time to create a Tiktok account and draft your first videos.

LinkedIn Video

With LinkedIn launching its Creator Mode in 2021, it might have just changed the movement of advertising in 2022. This is the perfect platform to host more organic marketing for companies and professionals alike. In addition, this platform is expected to boom in users as insiders predict LinkedIn might launch a newer video format, similar to Instagram reels and Tiktok’s short-form content.

Smaller Media to Stronger ROI

Most brands focus their campaigns on more prominent media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, understandably since these are the media spaces with the most significant users. However, trends point out how smaller networks, such as Pinterest, surprisingly give more substantial conversions while having cheaper rates. Since these channels have yet to be explored by the other companies, there still is a lower percentage of competition. This makes them the best experimental platforms for marketing.

Long-Form Content

Platforms are now utilizing short-form video content, which might have led to people developing shorter attention spans. And because of this, one might assume that longer videos are already things of the past. However, current stats show that they still impact people’s interests. Youtube and now the longer videos on Tiktok are excellent means for brands and businesses to tell stories and sell their products in 2022.

Social Commerce and Shopping

The pandemic has undeniably changed people’s buying patterns and practices. Due to the restrictions, people have now turned to online shopping to look for and purchase the brands they love. In line with this, social commerce, or buying directly from the company’s social media, and live shopping experiences have become the new normal.

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