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Affordable Cleaning Services offers quality commercial cleaning in Iowa City; with reliability, efficiency, and impeccable professionalism, Affordable Cleaning Services is here for you!

With the abundance of commercial cleaning companies, choosing the perfect match for your business can be challenging—it will, at the very least, take you months and a whole heap of effort. Aesthetics play a significant part in presenting your business and attracting an audience, and providing a clean space is a lot like giving your best face to potential customers.

Whether you have an office or a factory, cleaning companies should always match business owners with appropriate services and professional staff.

But before you can consider what traits and attributes you want from your cleaning service and decide which you’ll be giving a call to, here are some ideas of what commercial cleaning services are available for the average firm.

Types of Cleaning and Which One is for Your Business

Regular commercial cleaning is the most common service offered by cleaning companies and the first type that businesses think of when they want their spaces spick and span. Usually, this involves a team of cleaners (or a single cleaner, depending on the area that needs cleaning) coming to the space and conducting regular cleaning duties. These duties include—but are not limited to—wiping tables, mopping floors, cleaning windows, vacuuming, emptying trashcans, arranging desks and chairs, etc. The extent of regular cleaning is wholly dependent on the needs of the business. However, most cleaning services are pretty flexible when it comes to meeting the demands of their clients.

Businesses that maintain daily commercial spaces require regular cleaning services since the upkeep of an orderly and polished aesthetic is essential to continued customer retention and support.

Deep cleaning is for newly set spaces or offices that have just gone through significant renovations. It is also a good starting point for businesses wanting to assess a cleaning company’s services.

Deep cleaning involves thoroughly cleansing an area, demanding quite a lot of time and effort for completion. They are flexible regarding requirements and objectives, necessitating open communications between the client and the cleaners.

Additional services can also be attached to deep cleans, including—but not limited to—extensive bathroom cleans, furniture checks, switch and fixture cleanings, etc.

Disinfectant cleaning is a newly emerging subset of the industry, only gaining steam because of the recent pandemic, which required extensive disinfection of regularly crowded or utilized spaces and objects. Disinfectant cleanings will be crucial for businesses from now on. Typical disinfectant cleanings involve using fogging machines to spray antibacterial solution over the directed areas, although some companies make do with handheld spray bottles. Regardless, the solution is intended to eradicate germs and viruses, leaving behind a clean and safe surface for people to use.

The primary use for disinfectant cleaning is to ensure that the business’s staff and customers are safe as they interact within business premises, especially during flu seasons or in major epidemics.

How to Choose the Appropriate Cleaning Company

A good cleaning company can provide all the above services and best offer something more. It is beneficial in the long term that businesses partner with cleaning companies that offer a wide range of flexible and extensive services for the needs of the business. It also helps that the longevity of a partnership inevitably creates trust and understanding between the client and the provider, making for more specific options for service.

Businesses should consider these qualities when choosing a cleaning company:


Cleaning companies should know how to revise plans when there is a sudden complication or an overlooked issue; adaptability is a significant factor in having a well-rounded and efficient service.


Cleaning companies should strive for a well-trained staff with adequate and updated equipment and techniques and a forward-facing team that knows how to interact with clients and potential customers.


Cleaning companies should always offer consistent and proper results, maintaining a decent track record and an experienced team to provide the best results better.

Affordable Cleaning Services is Here in Iowa

So, if your business is looking for a regularly scheduled service or an extensive cleaning, Affordable Cleaning Services provides the best commercial cleaning in Iowa City. Their staff closely works with clients to offer the perfect action plan to meet their needs and demands.

All members of Affordable Cleaning Services possess high-quality standards and the training necessary to give you the best results.

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