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Adding plant life to your garden or home can make a massive difference in the look and feel. Plants look lovely and lush, but they serve to clean the air we breathe.

Some plants are bushy, overpowering, and extensive enough to hoist up to an effortless pot. But an adorable planter can make even a mini blossom into a centerpiece for your interior design. Whether you have a spacious backyard that needs some tidying up, a little balcony that could stand a slabber of color, or even just a windowsill or desk that is in dire need of some greenery, there is a planter for you. 

The question is, “Do you want to create a beautiful garden?” These tips are for you. No matter how tiny your area is, there are design principles you can apply to beautify your yard, porch, or balcony.

10 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Garden

Tip #1. Add Flowers Or Flowering Plants. Flowers have a fantastic ability to beautify any space – pick your favorite color theme. Splashes of color break up the green and provide variety, contrast, and focal points. You do not specifically have to plant flowers, though. A wide range of vegetables and herbs have beautiful flowers too.     

Tip #2. Use 3D Planters, Feature Containers, Or Colorful Pots. Feature planters can aid draw the eye to a focal area or plant. A planter with a splash of color is an excellent example of “less is more.” By contrasting the size of the pots or plants you surround it with, you can dominate with the pot you want to accentuate as the vital aspect. Ensure that the ones you put around it are smaller than the center pot. This helps to achieve unity, as the eye focuses on the feature pot and the rest of the surrounding garden. Check out CASA Z’s eco-friendly Collections of fun planters. Their products are manufactured and designed by themselves, with new product launches often. CASA Z offers special edition seasonal pieces like a “Spooky the Ghost” lamp (which will be released soon) as an added design idea for your garden. Further, they use 3D printing technology to expand design limits and create unique pieces manufactured exclusively for their customers. 

Tip #3. Control Those Weeds. Remove those weeds first before they go to seed. Compost plants that compete with what you want in your garden. Why waste money by sharing your plant nutrients and food with freeloaders? Adding a practical and attractive mulch will deter weeds from setting seed.

Tip #4. Group Your Plants Around A Theme. Make a collection of plants with the same flower color or foliage for a more significant impact. Theming of an area of your garden by clever use of color is an easy trick to use.  

Tip #5. Add Some Art In Your Garden. Garden art can be any collection, ornament, treasured find, or something you make. Adding decorative items to your garden reflects your personality and adds character to your small space.

Tip #6. Use Multi-functional Edible Flowers and Herbs. Herbs and edible flowers provide fresh ingredients for the kitchen and make pleasing aromas and attractive borders. They provide color variation and add beauty, flavor, and structure too.

Tip #7. Create Unity And Diversity. Achieve a beautiful garden by repeating a color provided by various plants. Color themes are a convenient design trick for adding beauty. 

Tip #8. Choose A Feature. For example, this may be a plant, piece of garden art, statue, or even outdoor furniture. What is unique to you, highlight it by drawing the eye.  

Tip #9. Picture-perfect Gardens Avoid Clutter. This may be taxing if you have a small space and want to grow many plants. But overcrowding will only make access difficult, and the widespread use of the area is challenging. Balance hard surfaces with your selected plants and avoid using too many materials. You can also use vertical spaces like railings, walls, hanging baskets, and containers to free up floor space on a small balcony or deck. 

Tip #10. Choose Variegated Foliage. In some circumstances where you may have reduced sunlight, you may not have many options to grow flowering plants. You can still add color and structure by choosing plants carefully.

What about you? How have you added beauty to your garden? Please give us a holler!

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