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Drywall trends improve over time. With so many techniques and innovations improving rapidly, everyone must be aware of them. That’s why we’ll look at the latest drywall trends and styles that will be useful this 2023.

Drywall trends are constantly evolving, and so are how they’re manufactured. Although they may not precisely be an eye-candy part of the design plan, it takes up most of the spaces in both residential and commercial areas. Drywalls are crucial components that must be heavily considered at all costs. And even though it seems lacking as a standalone component, it still packs potential.

More interior designers and architects are reinventing drywall and using its barrenness to enhance the space’s look and feel. This year, expect more trends to follow and be a part of every home. Your existing drywall might be a mainstay if paired with the right accessories.

For problems with drywall trends, The Patchboys will be your friend!

The Patchboys specialize in small drywall repair in the US at a very affordable price. Drywall damages are not to be taken lightly, significantly that they are constantly improved to be better and well-suited for your home. You can always count on us if you notice any holes, dents, or cracks in your drywall, including the ceiling, because our trusted crew will be there to repair it.

Top-quality fixes will always be a priority here at The Patchboys. We know that damages are inevitable, but they don’t have to add worries to every homeowner. Our community believes in what The Patchboys can do, and if you need a drywall repair service to help you, contact us today!

Top drywall trends to look out for this 2023

Drywall trends come and go, but some of them return and recycle. Several construction methods combine to create specific styles and inspirations that are reinvented. Here are the following drywall trends this 2023.

Curved walls and arches

Industry professionals and homeowners collectively agree that a home doesn’t have to look like a dullish 90-degree angle. Curved walls need careful planning before they’re constructed since it would take a lot of miter cuts and flexible drywall accessories to pull them off. Even though the process is tedious, it is possible to do.

Arches or archways are appealing, in contrast to the typical angled doorways. If your home happens to have archways that connect different spaces, observe how it enhances the look of your home. And experts can make archways out of drywalls too! And whenever there’s damage or the installation is faulty during construction, The Patchboys are right there to clean it up.

Rounded Corners

Gone are the days when straight lines and seamless forms take up every nook and cranny of your home. The construction industry’s been “ahead of the curve” (pun intended) every time there’s a new design solution coming up. Trends change, along with scientific innovations, but the fact that there are grounds for such changes to transpire is something any homeowner must look forward to. For example, sharp edges and corners are exchanged with rounded ones. The switch might be for safety reasons and user sensitivity since some prefer smooth, rounded edges for comfort.

Another feature that can be seen in most drywall trends lately is the Bullnose beads, which are soft and rounded. Not only do they provide great shape and comfort around the corners, but they also add a bit of elegance to the space. Plus, the rounded corners make the room look streamlined and softer.

Accent Walls

From being a component that must be hidden from plain sight, drywall trends make way for the material’s potential to improve, especially on the aesthetic side. Having accent walls around your home is one of the most stylish features that your home could ever have. Even other homeowners request accent walls to beautify their spaces.

Professionals usually add elegant detailing or Z Shadow Beads along the baseboards and doorways to complete the overall accent look. If you encounter any issues with the construction of accent drywalls, remember that The Patchboys got your back in restoring various drywall issues.

Decorative Ceilings

Who says that drywall ceilings can’t be decorative? Part of the latest drywall trends is creating eye-catching ceilings that could serve as a statement in your home. And since it’s all the hype right now, utilizing other materials like reclaimed wood can be a good accent detail above. However, consult a repair professional if it ends up damaged from the construction attempt. Professional drywall repairs like The Patchboys can easily lift the burden from your shoulders and enjoy the decorative ceiling much longer.

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