While everyone is always inspired by the latest fashion aesthetics of friends, public figures, or favorite fashion personality, the perfect statement is one that’s imbued with your own personal taste and style. Undoubtedly, you’ll stand out more and feel like yourself that much more by not looking and comparing to everyone else. You don’t have to be a celebrity like Kanye, Beyonce, or Lil Uzi to make a fashion statement. A fashion statement can mean a variety of things. They can be statements of personality, such as urban streetwear that reflects your aura. No matter your reasons for wanting to make a fashion statement, one thing is important: stay true to yourself.

Choose clothes that reflect who reflect who you are, regardless of fashion trends, and march to the beat of your own drum as you strike a new fad in fashion. Looking effortless and shine than most of the people is actually fairly simple and only requires knowing and doing little styling stuff right. The kind that can be encapsulated into short, easy-to-remember principles and adages. Below you’ll find the best of the best tips that you can be doing, right now, to make a statement with your outfit.

Wear Your Statement Tee

A statement is probably the most straightforward and simplest thing to wear if you want to convey a message or spread awareness. Wearing printed words or aesthetic designs is an excellent way to convey a message wherever you are. It can be difficult to communicate with everyone you come across, but you can share your notions visible with a well-presented message printed on clothing. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to inform and educate others about controversial subject. Whatever cause you’re passionate enough about, you’re guaranteed to make a statement.

Check out Touching lives urban apparel brand for statement tees, shirts, and hoodies. Jarrod D. Dixon injects empowering messages into his clothing line specifically on Black Lives Matter. Touching lives urban apparel offers versatile pieces of clothing that you can dress it up with pretty much everything. The perfect clothing line for youths who are just as fashionable as anyone else but with an urban attitude. Dixon’s brand is one of the many brands pushing beyond their classic business interests to become advocates of inclusivity among communities.

Give a Classic Piece an Unexpected Twist

Fashion statements aren’t always about wearing the flashiest item, expensive pieces, extreme colors, or the latest fashion staples. It can also be the classic pieces from years back. If there’s one thing you should learn about fashion is that it will always come back but even grander than before. Trends never truly “dies,” they can make a comeback at any given moment and you can be the person to put forth to it. Use countless ways to style basics to your advantage. Wear them with something over-the-top, wear it with layers and layers of clothing, or make it pop through a color here and there.  Giving a classic piece an unexpected twist will surely convey a statement to the public.

Pair it with Some Good Shoes

While accessories are one of the key elements for achieving a statement outfit, spicing up your ensemble can be effortless by pairing it with a great pair of shoes. Never overlook the power of a shoe. It’s usually the first thing many people will notice about you and the right pair will turn heads, stare longer, and leaving a lasting impression. Making a fashion statement goes beyond wearing bold shoes, from slip ons to dress oxfords, your footwear is guaranteed to get you noticed. Do a bit of research about a brand before you buy to shop with a purpose.

Be Comfortable

When trying to make a statement, throw all your fears and doubt out of the window. Challenge the conventional rules in fashion and styling by mixing and matching and making something your own. However, don’t forget comfort. Wear what makes you comfortable. In the end it all boils down to the person wearing the clothes. As long as you like and believe in what you’re wearing others will too. Be comfortable yet making a statement.

To some, fashion may seem like nothing more than people prancing and posing around all dressed up in the fanciest clothes. But when you go below the surface, fashion is always in the front line of communicating something bigger. Today more than ever, people are pushing themselves to stand out in the crowd and make a statement. Attempting to make a statement can go a million ways; there’s no perfect formula for it. It’s only a matter of finding your voice and getting creative with it!


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